Merry Grateful Christmas

Windom Park Christmas Tree Winona, Minnesota

This Christmas eve I write to you to express my hope for all of us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega, the great I AM. 

Last night I was talking with my son about Covid-19 and the paralyzing fear that has gripped the hearts of many in our nation.  I told him that I have not feared this virus for even one minute and that I can go for days and days without thinking about it.  It just doesn’t enter my thought process. 

Saying this, I am not cocky in the least.  I am 71 years old, which puts me in a high-risk category.  I wear a mask.  I take precautions and don’t go out much, mainly because I’m rehabbing from hip surgery.  I know that if I get COVID-19 I could easily die.  I have known people who didn’t make it. 

For me, the complete lack of obsession about this virus is a great blessing.  It allows me to get on with my daily duties without stress.  I love my life and don’t want to lose it any sooner than necessary.  I want to enjoy my life, friends and family for many more years.

God’s grace has allowed me to have a much better life than I have ever deserved.  If my life ended today it would be good enough for me.   

With the time he grants me in the future, I will go to ballgames with my kids and grandkids.  I will enjoy the sunsets over lake Winona and soak in breakfast patio views of the Chicago skyline.  I will travel more of the world with my Angel, Sally.  But I will do other things that are important. 

I will love others more completely.  I will be more charitable with my resources and my time; especially when it comes to the arts.  I will take more time to listen, to enjoy, and to express gratitude.

For those who are on my email list I’ve attached two PDF links that you may enjoy.  One is today’s Christmas editorial from John Kass, the affable Greek who has been a Chicago Tribune columnist for many years.  The other PDF is an article written by Sgt. Jermaine Harris of the Chicago Police Department.  Both links are uplifting and hopeful, just perfect for Christmas. If you’re not on my email list I will add your name and forward the links to you if you email me at:

To you and yours, a wonderful Christmas!

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