During my lifetime I’ve carefully observed many families.  Some of them succeed socially and financially.  Some of them are walking disasters in every category that you can imagine.  Below are my opinions of what is needed to raise a really outstanding family.

Regardless of the economic system, people who produce value will always have social, personal, and economic advantages over those who do not.  Meritocracy is a natural constant.  It has never changed in the history of world and is not about to change, no matter how many people protest or insist otherwise.

No government or individual on earth is a better steward of property or possessions than the person who owns them.  Regardless of their utopian ideals, every economic scheme to supplant individual ownership and incentives with state-run programs has fallen prey to unbridled corruption, economic decline and wide spread poverty.

The family is the castle fortress of income and wealth.  It is built and sustained by parents who insist on rigorous education and a demonstrable work ethic of each member, including consistent rules and moral behavior above reproach.  This results in family cohesion, longevity, morale and respect for the rights of all people.  Such family excellence always occurs when familial leaders insist on difficult and measurable outcomes for all family members.  Such familial consistency often cements economic and social prosperity over several generations.

The enemies of the family castle fortress include ignorance, intolerance, selfishness, slothfulness, drug addiction, entitlement, impatience, and short-term thinking.  Victimhood and name-blaming have no constructive place in a solid family structure.  When exhibited they must be removed at once or they become a cancer.


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