Ten Ways to Remain Positive During Virus Time

These days I’m at home most of the time, in concert with recommendations regarding social distancing.  This is a depressing period for many of us, which is to be expected in these times of uncertainty.  Yours truly suffers through this “downer” time and while I’m not an expert I’ve got some ideas that work for me to minimize feelings of depression.

  1.  Work from home.  If the boss lets you work from home remember that every second spent doing work tasks at home is one second you aren’t thinking about the Corona Virus.
  2. Watch television news sparingly.  Once a day glance at the latest virus news, but not for more than 15-20 minutes.  Then, let it go until the next day.  You don’t need hourly updates; once a day is enough to remain informed.
  3. Watch (and stream) television.  If you must watch TV watch HGTV, find a nice Netflix movie or stream that 13 part series that you never got around to watching.
  4. Stay away from Facebook, twitter, and other social media.  It is depressing and is full of non-factual, stupid comments from people who think they know something.  If this isn’t bad enough, social media is also full of conspiracy theories that will make you want to jump off of a cliff if you read enough of them.  The more of this social media you read every day the more depressed you will become.
  5. Go outside and take a long walk each day.  This gives you essential exercise and plenty of fresh air.  Listen to the birds chirping and the squirrels chattering; they’re not worried about the virus!
  6. Call an old friend that you haven’t seen for a couple of years.  Talk for an hour.  Both of you will be better off.
  7. Do home repairs and spring cleaning.  You’ve got to do these things sooner or later.  If you put them off you’ll have to spend time doing these tasks when everyone else is celebrating victory over the virus.  Do em now to avoid boredom.
  8. Read a Book.  Reading is a great way to pass the time and personal enlightenment is highly underrated.
  9. Sleep longer.  Every hour of sleep is one less hour of depression.  Besides, who can’t use an extra hour of sleep!
  10. Try to smile and not worry.  It never helps you or the other guy if you’re a grinch.  Even though sometimes it is hard to be positive, you know in your soul that there’s absolutely nothing good that comes from negativity!
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  1. Bert says:

    2007 Poli Sci grad here searching out the original “Don” for some common sense. Found it. Thanks Mr! #youjoinedmeforahorriblyunsuccessfulicefishingadventure.

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