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Maddy the Nurse

                During my 44 years at Winona State University I’ve had the blessing of knowing and teaching many thousands of students.  Most of my students are in the business school but I have … Continue reading

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The question every society answers but no one wants to ask.

During a press conference a couple of days ago New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that if all of the sweeping expensive measures spent on the corona virus saved even one life, it would be worth it. That’s an expected … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Remain Positive During Virus Time

These days I’m at home most of the time, in concert with recommendations regarding social distancing.  This is a depressing period for many of us, which is to be expected in these times of uncertainty.  Yours truly suffers through this … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, My Friends

After four years of absence I’ve decided to jump back on the site.  My reasons for taking a hiatus were simple; once I got out of my weekly blogging routine it became easier and easier not to blog.  I … Continue reading

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