Terrorists vs. The American Militia


Despite what Obama says the Islamic Terrorist group known as ISIS has not been contained and seems to be establishing itself as a force that can blow up airplanes, bomb restaurants and shoot hundreds of people in concerts or sporting events.  As I write this article the city of Brussels, the administrative headquarters of the European Union, is on lock-down.  ISIS has not only murdered hundreds of innocent people but has now inflicted huge economic damage in both Paris and Brussels.  What is to be done about ISIS?  What is to be done about domestic crazy people like the crazy recluse who recently shot up the clinic in Colorado.

William Lind, in a recent article in The American Conservative Magazine, titled “The Logic of a Modern Militia”, argues that our current model of citizen protection is ineffective.  Police and government intelligence agencies may have the ability to detect and stop some terrorists before they do their damage but no government agency or police force will be able to stop all attacks.  For the families of those dead in Paris there is little comfort that “after the fact” the perpetrators have been killed or brought to justice.  Government police forces, whether they be federal, state or local, are largely ineffective against well designed terrorist plots.

Ironically our founding fathers have already given us a superior solution to this problem; the American Militia.  The second amendment to the US Constitution guarantees American citizens the right to own firearms.  Most states allow us to take training courses that allow us to conceal and carry hand guns.  If ISIS or some other madman were to attempt to duplicate the Paris killing spree at a West Texas dance club the percentage of lives lost would have been greatly decreased.  Carnage would not be avoided entirely but if there had been even four or five French citizens in that theatre with concealed handguns the insanity would have stopped much sooner.  As William Lind states, “How do you stop lone wolf terror?   With every man available.”

On the television news last week a young father held his three year old son at a memorial site in Paris.  Flowers were in abundance.  He told his son that flowers and not bullets were the answer to this chaos.  The son questioned his father, wondering how bullets could be stopped with flowers.  The father was insistent that flowers were the answer.  It was a beautiful, idealistic moment but the child’s instinctive wisdom shone through.

These terrorists are heartless killers who care nothing for peace.  If we are to reduce the carnage caused by terrorists return gunfire is the only defense.  We need to stop demonizing firearms and encourage responsible American citizens to receive training and carry concealed weapons as allowed by law.  Concealed firearms in the hands of hundreds of thousands of trained, responsible citizens may well be the best defense against any kind of terrorism.  Ultimately the only answer for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Lind’s Article:  http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/logic-of-a-modern-militia/


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