Openers, Madness and the Masters

This blog is written in Minnesota, one of the northern tier of states. Up here winter lasts 5 months at a minimum. I don’t mind winter. The first snowfall is beautiful. The air is crisp and if you dress for it, put the right show tires on it, purchase the right snow blower for it, and have a positive attitude about it, winter is a great season for three months. It’s the last two months that sap your spirit.

Inevitably, by the time you’re in the 5th month of winter the best thing about it is that it finally ENDS! Those in southern climes can’t imagine how excited we are to see spring. But wait; we have no spring, at least as it is in places like Arkansas, the Carolina’s or Oklahoma. The 4th and 5th months of Winter take away our spring and we catapult almost immediately into summer. Furnace one day and air conditioning the next; that’s our Minnesota.

So, if there is no spring what are the Northerner’s harbingers of hope? Our trilogy of winter’s demise is Openers, Madness, and the Masters. This week is the culmination of collegiate basketball’s “March Madness”, the start of the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA and the home opener of most teams in Major League Baseball. All three in one week! I’m giddy. Good riddance winter.

march madnessThere are millions of college basketball fans in this country and when 64 teams play in a single elimination tournament over three weeks, almost anything can happen and it usually does. Over 75 million people, a fifth of the US population has filled out a “bracket” for this tournament. Only 4 teams remain and we will have a national champion before the week is over.

mastersFor golfers the Masters Golf Tournament, held at the Augusta National Golf Club, in Augusta, Georgia is THE classic sporting event to usher in the professional golf season. The first of 4 major golf tournaments, this week the 79th annual Masters Tournament gets underway in a place where REAL spring exists. Go for it, golfers! On those thousands of golf courses around the land, take a deep breath, smell the grass, polish up those clubs and get ready for a great year.

The final predictor of winter’s demise is imbedded in the home openers of all teams in Major League Baseball. The rejuvenated Chicago Cubs open at historic Wrigley Fieldernest banks against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday night, April 5th where they will honor recently departed “Mr. Cub”, Ernie Banks. The next day the Yanks open against the Blue Jays in the Bronx, while the Brewers open at Miller Park against the Rockies. Our Minnesota Twins open April 13th at Target Field against the Royals. On the first of 182 games, all games are sellouts and every team is in first place. What a blast! I can’t wait to buy my first bag of peanuts from Paul White on the corner of Addison and Clark streets.

My friends, it is now time to put aside all of your trials and troubles and enjoy the end of winter. The joy of boating, golfing, swimming, gardening, and sipping basil lemonade under the outdoor canopy beckons us all.

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