I Miss My Mom

Hazel MyerscropToday as I prepared breakfast for my wonderful B&B guests, I started to really miss my Mother.  Hazel Alta Myers passed away over a decade ago.  She had a college degree in education but she wasn’t a “professional educator”.  She was something much more.  To me and my brother Dave she was a teacher.  My mother loved me a great deal.  She read to me often when I was a child and I know that this had a positive impact on my development.

Mom had two dogmas.  The first was that in life there are no excuses and no feeling sorry for one’s self.  The second dogma was that risk-taking is a good thing.  Both of these doctrines have served me well in my life.  When I would come home from grade school feeling badly because someone had called me a “bad name”, she would always say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”  Several times when I told her that something was impossible for me to achieve, she told me to try.  I found out that trying often resulted in the achievement of my goal; that “showing up” is often the most important thing.  One thing was for sure; not trying meant certain failure.  Encouraged by Mom, I became a risk taker.

This week Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the National Basketball Association.  During his acceptance speech for the MVP award he gave a tribute to his mother, Wanda Pratt, who was sitting in the audience.  Raised by a single mom who sacrificed everything for her children, Kevin choked out his love-filled tribute.  If you don’t look at this clip, you’re missing out on the highlight of your day.  You can find it at:


Perhaps even greater than Wanda’s sacrifice is the man that Kevin Durant has become.  He’s a lover of God, his family, and his friends.  He doesn’t make excuses and doesn’t let people down.  I’m not a fan of professional basketball and have never seen an NBA game but if I ever get a chance to see Durant play, I’ll show up just to say I was in the same room as he.

Happy Mother’s Day Hazel Myers, to Betty Axelsen, Lisa Salyards, to Marylou Salyards, to Shayana Sequeira, to Patricia Paz, to Heidi Ryan, to Wanda Pratt and all mothers.  God bless you all.

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