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The South Asian vs. North American Mosquito Study

I know that after reading this blog you’re going to say, “Salyards has had way too much time on his hands while visiting India!”  But seriously, the observations in today’s blog are based on a science experiment.  The species being … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Rajkot

Tomorrow morning I take a 3-hour cab ride from Pune to Bombay and then take a one-hour flight to the delightful Gujarati town of Rajkot.  Rajkot has a special place in my heart, as it is the first Indian city … Continue reading

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A Love Story from Hyderabad

Today I’m going to tell you a love story that is layered deep and covers many years.  It started in 1997 and continues strong to this day.  It involves numerous people, institutions, families, organizations, and two dominant world cultures. In … Continue reading

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The Burj Khalif

Ok, people.  I’m in Dubai, the shining city of the United Arab Emirates.  This place is best described as “Las Vegas on Steroids without gambling”.   This is my third visit to Dubai, but it has been about 8 years.  In … Continue reading

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