Yes on Syrian Attack, No on Re-election

Obama has waited to consult Congress about beginning our latest Middle-East military involvement, this time in Syria.  obama_kerry_bidenThe American people are solidly against any type of involvement in Syria, whether or not chemical weapons were used and no matter who did or didn’t use them.  Politicians are slowly exposing their positions.  They should all be required to vote on Mr. Obama’s proposal and all votes should be made public.

Over the past few days some doubt has been raised about who initiated the use of chemical weapons.  Certainly the groups with the strongest motive to use these weapons and drag the US into the Syrian civil war would be either the rebels or AlQuaida.  Assad would never want the US to be involved.  Assad is no dummy.  He has superior education credentials compared to our President.  Assad graduated from Medical School from the University of Damascas and spent two years in post-graduate work in London as an opthalmologist.  It is not likely that Assad would take an action that would bring down the force of the US military on his personal and military assets.  He’s already seen where that got Saddam Hussein.

Obama is making a concerted effort to secure the support of the Senate, the House, and the American public.  He will interview with 6 news anchors on Monday and give a public address to the nation on Tuesday evening.  Personal appearances on any stage have always been Obama’s best way to sell anything.  John McCain’s response has been predictable; he’s never seen a war he didn’t like.   House Speaker John Boehner has also come out in support of the President’s position.

This is a no-win for Obama.  I predict that the house will refuse to support his proposal by a wide margin.  Even the Senate might reject his idea.  He can go ahead anyway if he wishes, but this would damage his Presidential legacy.  Obama is big on legacy; especially his own!

The administration has tried to “sell” the idea of military intervention in Syria on moral grounds.  The problem is, neither Obama, Kerry, or Biden has the moral standing to make the case for bombs on humanitarian grounds.  Obama can’t be trusted, Biden is downright incompetent, and Kerry is a washed-out New England liberal loser.

I want to see my Congressman’s vote on this matter, as well as the votes of my two senators.  A Yes vote on sending missiles into Syria will receive my No vote at the polls.  Can’t any of them see that as far as US military action is concerned, enough is enough in the Middle East?  Will we ever learn?

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2 Responses to Yes on Syrian Attack, No on Re-election

  1. Donn Bryan says:

    WE agree again. He doesn’t have NATO on his side either. AND we don’t know if those in Syria did this to their own people. Saw a bit of footage where one of those in power killed a man, cut out his heart and liver and started to eat it. Makes me totally ill.

    • Carol Barr says:

      I believe that video footage you refer to showed a rebel cutting open a general … Glenn Beck aired it on his program.

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