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Bloedows is the Best!

I suppose every small town has a business that is as famous as the town itself.  In Winona, Minnesota that place is Bloedow’s bakery.   Started in 1924 by Ernest Bloedow, the business moved to its present location at Laird and … Continue reading

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The Flag Burning

About three years ago I bought a cheap American Flag kit to fly off of our front porch at our family home in Winona, MN. The kit was made in the USA, cost only 8 bucks and included a metal … Continue reading

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                              US  SECRETARY  OF  STATE  VLADIMIR  PUTIN The Obama threat to strike Syria over the use of chemical warfare seems to be over for a few months thanks to our new Secretary of State Vladimir Putin. I … Continue reading

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Yes on Syrian Attack, No on Re-election

Obama has waited to consult Congress about beginning our latest Middle-East military involvement, this time in Syria.  The American people are solidly against any type of involvement in Syria, whether or not chemical weapons were used and no matter who … Continue reading

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US Should NOT Go into Syria

This week the British Parliament voted not to stand by the Obama administration in its determination to strike key targets in Syria.    Syrian President Bashir al-Assad has crossed Obama’s “red line” when he allegedly used chemical weapons to kill 1,500 … Continue reading

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