Laser Theory Continued….

On September 9, 2012 I postulated that everyone’s life is a bright laser beam saying:  “Consider the earth a vast array of space where literally billions of laser beams are present, yours being just one of these.  Sometimes laser beams run closely parallel to each other for an entire lifetime, such as the beams of a Mother and her son, or the beams of a couple who are married for a long time.  In the case of estrangement or divorce, the beams run away from each other, sometimes to run parallel at a later time.  However, most of the time beams intersect for a brief period, perhaps a day, perhaps an hour, or maybe for just a few seconds, such as when glances are exchanged on a crowded street.  The intersection of laser beams is the essence of life.  Let me characterize just a few types of intersections.”

This week I had three more laser beam experiences.  On Monday evening a former economics student of mine, Andrew McManimon, came by our place in Wrigleyville.  We trotted over to Wrigley Field to watch a ball game.  Andrew’s laser beam ZAPS mine from time to time, and it is always pleasurable when we connect.  I look forward to more and more contact with Andrew as the years go by.

big-yellow-semi-truck-isolated-on-whiteOn the way back from Chicago last Wednesday afternoon there was a construction delay on I-90 west of Wisconsin Dells.  Traffic was crawling at about 5 miles per hour, stopping occasionally.  Along side of me pulled a semi  truck from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It was a pretty, yellow truck and the driver looked pleasant and clean-cut.  Because we were both stopped for a few minutes I seized the opportunity to greet him.  I don’t know why, but the words “God bless you, my Canadian brother!” bolted past my lips.  He smiled and thanked me for the friendly response.  We talked a bit.  I told him that my great uncle had been a wheat farmer from Gladstone, Manitoba.  He responded by saying that he lived in southern Manitoba.  We talked briefly about the Stanley cup playoffs and he was off.  Once again…ZAP…laser intersection for about two minutes!

This (Sunday) afternoon I was working on restoring a wooden window that had been painted shut over 100 years ago.  It took some time to pull this off, since the window had been painted shut from both the inside and outside of the house.  Anyway, while I’m working on the window out in the garage, a car pulled up with a man and woman inside.  The woman got out and introduced herself as “Ruth.”   Then she handed me a business card, asking me if I knew where I could find the person named on the card.  The name was Mark VanFleet, the same name as an old college buddy of mine.  I looked a little amazed at the name similarity and was even more astounded to find my old college buddy standing next to me.  It has been forty years since I’ve seen Mark!  Ruth is Mark’s wife and her charade worked perfectly!  Again, laser beams of two lives came together after 40 years of separation and for the time it took to have lunch and chat, we were one again.  ZAP!

Doggone it…I love those laser ZAPS!

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