To Be A Cubs Fan

tdsdIt is almost impossible to relate to the concept of “Cubs Fan” if you don’t live in Chicago.  I‘m not a native Chicagoan, but purchasing a home on Chicago’s north side has taught me a few things about the Cubs and their fans.  You see, I don’t just live on the north side; I live two blocks directly south of Wrigley Field, one of only two major league ballparks to be directly consecrated by God himself!  You’ll have to ask Bostonians what the other park is called.  Anyway, let me try to explain why the Cubs are unique to baseball.

Wrigley Field:  (circa 1914) was originally called Weeghman Park, the home of the Chicago Whales of the Federal League.  It has been the home of the Chicago Cubs since 1916.  With its ivy-coated brick outfield walls, a three story manually operated scoreboard (which has never been hit by a batted ball), its unique neighborhood location and rooftop venues, there is simply no other place like Wrigley Field.  Ernie Banks, on a train coming back to Chicago after a horrible road trip, said to a teammate;  “It is going to be good to go back to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.”  I don’t know how to explain Wrigley Field except to tell you that when you enter it for the first time there is a special feeling; there is just nothing like it on the face of the earth.  If you are a baseball fan, no matter where you live, to see a game at Wrigley Field is an absolute requirement for your bucket list.

Loveable Losers:   Gosh, the Cubs are losers!  They haven’t won a National League Pennant since we dropped the bomb on Japan (1945).  The last World Series won by the Cubs was in 1908!  Generations of Cubs fans have been born, lived, and died without seeing the Cubs win it all.  Yet here they are on the North Side…little kids holding the hands of their fathers and mothers, all wearing Cubs hats!  young cub fanDespite any rational reason to be a fan of the Cubs, they just keep breeding and going to the ball park!  Thanks to superstation WGN there are Cubs fans all over the country.  Anyone coming to Wrigleyville from the outside has got to be saying….Why?  Why so many fans for a team that crushes their dreams every year?  No one really knows….it is beyond comprehension!

Season Ticket Holders:  Believe it or not there is a waiting list to become a Cubs season ticket holder.    Season ticket holders are a team’s most loyal fans (suckers).  They pay face value for 81 games.  No one wants to come to baseball games in April or on the cold days in May.  Season ticket holders can’t even give their tickets away in the early spring.  This is my first year as a Cubs season ticket holder.  Last week I took 72 of my unused tickets and gave them to my grandson in Minneapolis.  He uses them like baseball cards; they are but pieces of cardboard to him.  The only problem is that they cost me $22 each!  But, ah yes….I am the Cub’s biggest sucker…I’m a Cubs season ticket holder!  As of Monday’s game against the Rockies, so far I’ve contributed $1,672 to the “Dream”.

The Stress of Being a Cubs Fan:  The world goes on in endless rounds for those who call themselves Cubs fans.  It is probably good that I didn’t grow up in Chicago; real Cubs fans live and die with each pitch!  I know an economics professor named Mike Wenz.  He is Chicago born and raised.  I’ve seen him suffer mightily when Carlos Marmol, “the arsonist in the bullpen,” flushes another Cubs victory down the toilet.  I don’t know how Mike survives the stress; his heart should have given out years ago.  But really that’s it…the Cubs aren’t about winning; they aren’t about rational thought; they aren’t about making sense; they’re just all about Heart!

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