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The Greatest Invention?

When I think of great inventions, the wheel, electricity, the steam engine, the telephone, the airplane and the internal combustion engine come to mind.  These inventions have changed our world in magnificent ways.  Indeed, the standard of living of most … Continue reading

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Laser Theory Continued….

On September 9, 2012 I postulated that everyone’s life is a bright laser beam saying:  “Consider the earth a vast array of space where literally billions of laser beams are present, yours being just one of these.  Sometimes laser beams … Continue reading

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To Be A Cubs Fan

It is almost impossible to relate to the concept of “Cubs Fan” if you don’t live in Chicago.  I‘m not a native Chicagoan, but purchasing a home on Chicago’s north side has taught me a few things about the Cubs … Continue reading

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The evil of the day is sufficient thereof…..

A few weeks ago I mentioned that liberals probably lose a lot of sleep worrying about global warming.  Likewise, conservatives probably spend sleepless nights agonizing about aborted babies.  You could spend hours agonizing about the fact that a child dies … Continue reading

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