conservative guyAs far as conservatives are concerned, I generally don’t appreciate them and don’t socialize with them.  I don’t like wasting my time hanging around people who (1) force their moral rules on the rest of us using the coercive power of government, (2) continually compromise with Democrats to move the country further away from capitalism and toward socialism, (3) ruin the lives of millions of Americans by supporting the misguided “War on Drugs”, and (4) do not have the zeal, personal resolve, or character to fight for freedom and liberty.

Whereas liberals use the power of government to take our property, conservatives use it to take away our civil liberties.  If you smoke pot you’re in trouble.  Use cocaine or meth and you’re in BIG trouble.  Not all conservatives are rattle snake kissing Alabamans, but in some states your choice of an adult bedroom partner can put you on the wrong side of the law.  Our immigration laws are a mess.  If you come to this country illegally you can work hard every day of your life, purchase a home, pay sales and property taxes and put your kids through college, but you can’t return to Mexico to be at the bedside of your dying Mother.  You can’t go to her funeral either because you can’t get a visa to get back into the United States.

Whereas liberals (acting out of economic ignorance) honestly believe that redistribution of income makes society a better place, conservatives know without a doubt that redistribution kills societal work incentives.  Even though they are dead right in supporting free markets and opposing socialism year after year conservatives (the Republican Party) compromise with Democrats to make the nation more socialistic each year.  The Hegelian Dialectic is in full force here; virtually every position in the 1928 U.S. Socialist Party Platform is now law in the United States of America.  Shame on you, conservatives.

Conservatives, through their support of the “War on Drugs” have declared all kinds of substances illegal.  This has the effect of reducing the supply of these substances, making their manufacture and distribution highly profitable for criminals.  The government created high prices are the cornerstone of gang violence and warfare, as rival gangs kill each other (and innocent bystanders) with turf wars.  Drug laws also incarcerate hundreds of thousands of non-violent people.  If you’re a black male child in the United States today you have a 25% chance of spending some of your life in prison.  Most economists (including the late Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Milton Friedman) encourage decriminalization of all drugs, which would put and end to gang violence and unnecessary incarceration.  Conservatives just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that drug addiction is a health problem, not a crime.   Conservatives are the ones that make it a crime, perpetuating gangs and and all is well in gangland.

Most discouraging  is that conservatives seem not to have the zeal, personal resolve, or character to fight for freedom and liberty.  Whereas everything is a crusade for the liberals, everything is a conviction for Conservatives.  Yet conviction itself is insufficient to persuade the masses, many of whom are already on the dole.  The Republican Party is now leaderless.  It would be nice if conservatives could be more persuasive and at least lead the United States out of it’s fiscal quagmire, but many conservatives are also on the dole.  Government tax breaks extend way beyond the realm of the poor and permeate the finances of even upper middle class families.  Perhaps conservatives are no more likely than liberals to give up their government benefits.

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4 Responses to Conservatives

  1. Tyler says:

    Most of the time I completely agree with your posts, but this one troubles me. I would encourage you to come to Duluth MN, and look at these Meth and Synthetic users. They have destroyed central hillside and brought violence to the streets from these awful drugs. This is not gang related but instead based on the side effects of these drugs, especially synthetic drugs. The only way to stop them is to put them behind bars. This is just my opinion from first hand experience up here. By ending the war on drugs what message would it send to our kid’s and our kid’s children.

    Always enjoys the posts! Enjoy your Sunday night!

    Tyler Brage
    University of Minnesota Duluth Student

    • Thanks, Tyler.

      For some, legalization implies that the practice is all right in society. Decriminalization doesn’t imply that the use is good, but that the activity is not punishable by jail time.

      By the way, one reason we have synthetic drugs (which are usually worse than plant derivative drugs) is that the authorities have clamped down on the plant drugs and made it more profitable to produce the synthetics, which can be made almost anywhere.

      Thanks for reading my blog…and I’ll promise you one thing…next time I come to Duluth I’ll let you know!


  2. Dan says:

    The crux of all of this falls on who pays. Currently if you use drugs and make bad decisions like not get a job, quit or not show up, you fall onto the government assistance. The right wingers don’t see the cost to society that taking away fathers and locking them up. And left wingers think all of the people that make bad decisions (drugs) need other peoples money to help them out.
    Right wing social engineering is just as intrusive as left wing social engineering. For truly free society the federal government needs to get out of everyone life. Morality can not be legislated.

    For Duluth the use of drugs is not the problem it is what people do after taking the drug. Property damage and violence are infringing on others property right and those things need to be prosecuted. Why are people taking these drugs and not smoking weed like they want to? I think it is because weed is illegal and synthetic drugs are not.

    Thanks Don

  3. Fred Howes says:

    I almost responded negatively to your recent article on .”Liberals”. But I held back because I are one . Now I read your article on ” Conservatives” so I appreciate you lambasting both the left and the right. Perhaps we need to meet in the middle using the best that each group has to offer. Thanks again for both

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