As far as liberals are concerned, I generally don’t appreciate them and don’t socialize with them.  I don’t like wasting my time hanging around people who (1) grossly overestimate their intelligence and wisdom, (2) actively lobby government to steal more and more of what I have earned, (3) support onerous regulations that make it almost impossible to start and run a small business, and (4) are willing to sacrifice the livelihoods of billions of the world’s people at the altar of specious concepts like climate change.

While scientists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers spend their entire lives in the pursuit of truth (generally acknowledging that the more they learn, the more they realize how much more they need to learn), liberals are able to obtain pure truth about virtually everything somewhere between the ages of 20 and 50.  Armed with their “Advanced Degrees”, liberals decide at a young age that they are experts on virtually everything including child development, climate theory, economics, and even how to run multinational corporations.  This is, of course, utter nonsense.

Liberals want to steal from the successful (Rich) because they are either envious of the success of producers, or desire to covertly steal from producers using their good friends in government.  If envy is the motive, liberals are insecure children.  If theft is the motive, liberals are….OK, I’ll say it…. thugs.

I know a conservative person who has many liberal friends.  She tells me that “there is some good in everyone.”  I fail to find much good in people who are intellectually cocky, steal from me, make it hard for me to run a business and employ others, and otherwise harass and befuddle almost anyone who wants to accomplish anything in this world.  We are increasingly living in a regulatory environment in the United States where almost everything a person wants to do is illegal.  If it is legal it requires government privilege, a permit, or a license; all of which add costs to literally everything we buy.

My frustration with liberals has one silver lining; with liberals everything is a crusade.  They are wrong, but passionately so.  While I occasionally lose sleep trying to figure out how to make my enterprises survive the liberal onslaught, the sleep of liberals is haunted every night as they worry about endangered species and global warming!  Have you ever wondered why liberals in their fifties and sixties look so worn out and old?  They’re trying to solve the problems of the universe!  The women have mousy grey hair and dress like misfits from the 60’s.  The men look gaunt and lifeless.  If the “gaunt and lifeless” characterization doesn’t ring a bell, just conjure up a likeness of John Kerry and you’ll be there!

I suppose that Liberals get old before their time worrying about the straw men (global warming, environmental catastrophe) that they have created!  Conservatives, on the other hand, look better and healthier than liberals of the same age.  Contrast two women of about the same age, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.
hillarylaura bush
While liberals look worn out, they seem to live as long as conservatives.  While you would think that night after night of restless sleep would cause a liberal die much younger, they are spared by the fact that most of them have secure government jobs.  Conservatives don’t lose sleep about global warming, but are worn down more quickly over their lifetimes by something that Liberals normally disdain….the fatigue of work and the stress of financial risk.

You may wonder whether this blog was written tongue and cheek… isn’t.  Liberals proudly advertise their “collective conscience” and their “progressive ideology”.  A capitalist can trade only through voluntary exchange; his world is characterized by free will.  The Liberal, using government as his tool, is the brute of society; his world characterized by coercion and force.

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7 Responses to Liberals

  1. Dan says:

    Don the more I read your posts the more I realize I should have taken more your classes. You put succinctly on paper the ramblings of my mind.

  2. Donna says:

    Amen, which more were as intelligent as you.

  3. Ian says:

    So you’re just not even attempting to sound intelligent any more huh? This nonsense makes Rush Limbaugh sound like Socrates. I would identify myself as being a left leaning libertarian. Prior to Obama’s election I would have said more libertarian. But it’s the nonsensical garbage and borderline hate speech like this that makes me absolutely certain I will never vote republican the rest of my life. You call yourself intelligent and yet you sit here and make ridiculous claims about the beauty of women being altered by their political leanings? Are you f###ing serious?! Even if such an idiotic claim was correct what exactly do you hope to gain by it? Do you have any idea how many young women in the world look up to Hillary Clinton? According to recent polling Hillary Clinton is currently the most popular U.S. Politician, and you just attacked her for her looks. Every single solitary woman who looks up to her and reads this mind numbingly stupid blog post of yours is instantly galvanized against you. Every stereotype of the misogynist dinosaurs of the republican party is instantly proven by this nonsense. Use the brain you claim to have and think for one second about how a woman might feel upon reading this crap. Not only is this the single least intelligent conclusion of all time it’s implying that women every where should strive to be the pretty looking trophy wife of a president rather than the bold determined career woman who graduated from Yale law and managed to rise to become one of the highest offices in the land. You might as well have said, “Ladies don’t waste your time trying to emulate a woman who could very well be the next President of the United States. Even if you manage to follow in her foot steps it won’t matter if you’re not pretty. Go be a teacher or a librarian like a good woman and find yourself a nice conservative man to marry.”
    What exactly is your goal here? What’s the end game? To change minds? Influence people? Do you honestly think that a person sitting on the fence was going to read your little rant and all of a sudden join your cause out of fear they might become an ugly liberal some day? At best you might be preaching to a choir of other old sexist white guys like yourself, but in case you haven’t noticed that choir is getting older and older by the day and nobody under 40 is signing up. If people like you would like to keep the handful of decent ideas you have alive for another generation it’s time for conservatives to wake up to the fact that there is myriad of debates you’ve ALREADY lost and liberals are just toying with you by keeping them alive. They know how arrogant old white guys are and they know they can count on you to shoot yourself in the foot time and time again. It’s blog posts like this that are getting democrats elected and putting nails in the GOP’s coffin. If you want to change someone’s mind you need to give them a reason why they should respect your opinion first. Trashing one of the most popular female icons of the past two decades for her looks does the exact opposite. This sounds like the ravings of that loony grandfather at Thanksgiving dinner that’s dropping the N-word around like there’s no tomorrow. He assumes everyone in his family is as “smart” as he is and just agrees with all the nonsense he’s spewing, In reality though his kids and grand kids are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads thinking well he’s crazy, but he’s to old and stubborn to change and he’s mostly harmless at this point so it’s better to just leave it alone. He’ll be gone soon enough.

    • bernard says:

      Mr. Ian, I have 3 thoughts on your reply:
      1.) The aggressiveness of your reply was very hypocritical and under minded your argument.
      2.) my guess is you never suffered and struggled running you own business while worrying about overhead, employees, suppliers, customers, price point and pretax margin all before you begin to navigate the leviathan of the federal, state, county and city regulations and taxes.
      3.) had a person accuse you of not paying your “fair share”.

  4. Dominick says:

    One of the most aggravating things about growing up in the United States is that this sort of thing is only going to get worse. Being only 19, I can imagine what will be in store for my future if we continue to go down the path we are now… God help us.

  5. headset says:

    Don, Good thoughts from one of my favorite professors.

  6. Carol Barr says:

    Don, thought you’d appreciate this comment from a friend in Eau Claire, WI:
    Let me get this straight. The philly pre-meditated mass murder of “hundreds of children” by a man entrusted to provide health care gets crickets and a yawn from the MSM and America. No calls to further limit abortion “rights”, no calls to have a ban on abortions, no calls for a national registry of folks who get abortions. But in CT a madman kills 20 children using a firearm and its time to eviscerate the US Constitution.
    You know what liberals, you can kiss my grits. You are a bunch of hypocritical, illogical, non-reasoning, ideological boobs who wouldn’t know the truth if it camped out on top of your heads holding a flashing neon sign. There is no compromising with you because the truth has absolutely no bearing on what you believe. Trying to negotiate with liberals is akin to trying to guess the way a football will bounce. You can’t do it. Good faith negotiations require at least a bare minimum agreement on what constitutes reality. Liberals can’t do it because for them reality is an ever shifting target that can do a 180 in a single news cycle.
    So, compromise is off the table. I hate to do it but the only remaining option is total defeat. Note here I am not speaking of Democrats but specifically dyed in the wool liberals.

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