Boehner Needs to Give Obama a lesson about the US Constitution

As the United States heads toward the so called “fiscal cliff” the Republicans are being asked to “compromise” with the President by raising the income tax rates on the most successful Americans.  Only after the Republicans agree to a tax increase will the Democrats and Obama entertain spending decreases.  After all, we are told, Obama won the election and it is time for the Republicans to compromise.

The US Constitution contains checks and balances.  To pass legislation a bill must win approval in the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and it must have the signature of the President of the United States.  While the Democrats control the Senate and the white house, they do not control the House of Representatives.

The House is made up of voters from those “red” states, which are decidedly less urban and less liberal than the people who elected Obama.  Red state voters are mostly Republican and largely accept that huge cuts in federal spending are in order; not a trillion dollars in “illusionary” cuts that Obama proposes, but perhaps several trillion dollars in entitlement spending.

The Obama victory last November was devastating to those who favor smaller government, but Obama’s victory was no mandate by any means.  There exists a large minority of voters out there in this great country who aren’t buying the positions of Obama, Pelosi or Reid.  Until the Democrats can get a majority in the US House of Representatives, the Republicans can and should dig in their heels.

The bottom line is that the Democrats will not soon (if ever) be able to gain a majority in the House.  Until they do, the Republicans (led by Boehner) should refuse to deal with Obama until substantive spending cuts are in place.

Currently MSNBC, the New York Times, and other liberal media are urging Boehner to “compromise for the sake of the country.”  In my opinion Boehner should instead dig in his heels and tell the President to put real spending cuts on the table.  Otherwise we should go to sequestration on January 2, 2013.  This would mean $500 billion in defense cuts and $700 billion in other cuts over the next 10 years.  Sequestration would be a good first step to cutting federal spending; it would not cause another recession in my opinion.

Unfortunately Boehner is not a strong leader.  I believe he will cave on the tax increases and Obama will largely renege on spending cuts.  We will have kicked the can down the street one more time, only to make our eventual fiscal collapse more probable and more severe.

Mr Boehner, look at the US Constitution.  The House of Representatives is needed to pass federal laws.  Play the card that the founding father’s gave you!  Give the “constitutional scholar” who currently occupies the oval office a practical lesson about the Constitution.  And, for the sake of the country, don’t compromise with the Democrats.

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