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don-and-ticssmWhen I was between eleven and 16 years old my father purchased two season tickets to the Omaha Knights hockey team of the International Hockey League. This was minor league hockey but the players were pretty good, as the NHL had only 6 teams back then. Hockey was a great way to kill a lot of Friday and Saturday nights. It seems like the parking lot was always full of snow during those Omaha winters. Being a hockey fan was a great way to spend with my father as well!

I have a love-hate relationship with season tickets. Years ago my business partner purchased Minnesota Vikings season tickets for our company.  VikingsBobble_Thumb-150x150I didn’t find out about the purchase until I came back from a month in India.  There was a problem; I’m not a Viking fan.  About all I could salvage from the deal was to insist on tickets for the Green Bay game each year when the Packer’s visited Minneapolis.

blackhwak logoPerhaps my best experience with season tickets occurred when we bought 4 Chicago Black Hawk season tickets for the 2008-2009 season. They were dirt cheap and the Blackhawks organization had been in disarray for years. Much to our surprise, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup the very next year. I’ll never forget when a fellow paid us $3,200 for 4 playoff tickets that had cost us $90 each; and he was happy to get the tickets at that price! We still have our Blackhawks season tickets, but it doesn’t look like the NHL will play any hockey this year.

twins-logoThree years ago, coinciding with the inaugural year of Target Field our business bought four prime-priced season tickets for the Minnesota Twins. These were great tickets, but when the attendance “bounce” for the new Target field waned and the Twins were terrible last year, we dropped our tickets for the 2013 season. It was difficult and very unprofitable to pay $62 for tickets that were selling on the street for $25. With few promising player prospects joining the Twins next year, it was time to say good-bye. Believe me, we weren’t the only ones to discontinue our Twin’s season tickets this year.  If the Twins get hot sometime in the future, we’ll jump right back on the season ticket bandwagon.

I figured that my ownership of season tickets to major sporting events was probably gone forever until three weeks ago when I got a call from a woman who works at 1060 West Addison Avenue in Chicago. She informed me that over the past seven years my Cubs season ticket waiting list number had gone from 78,587 down to 15,942. It was finally time, she said, to come on down to Wrigley Field and select my Chicago Cubs season tickets!

cubs yanksAs is always the case with the Cubs, there were some “conditions”. You had to show up at Wrigley Field exactly at your appointed time on Saturday, December 08, 2012. Once you arrived, they might not have any tickets to sell. In that case, you would remain on the season ticket wait list for the next year. BUT, if they had any tickets for sale and you didn’t buy you’re DONE..YOU’RE OFF THE LIST. Wait…sucker…for another 7 or 8 years!

OUR CUBS TICKETS!!!Unbelievably I found four tickets to our liking. They’re cheap; way up on Aisle 515 but the view is stupendous!  And…they are, after all, in the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field! My elation has to be balanced by the fact that some other Cubs season ticket holder got tired of being a sucker and couldn’t take the pain anymore! Am I just lining up as a new member of the Cubs Sucker Club? Let’s face it, the Cubs last won a world series in 1908! On the other hand, we scored big with our Blackhawks tickets! Maybe, maybe IT’S GONNA HAPPEN!

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4 Responses to Season Tickets!

  1. Larry Birkby says:

    Congratulations on the season tickets. Now instead of just renting parking spaces you can enjoy the game, too. And if the team gets Hot you might decide to sell your tickets for the day. Question: Is saying “the view is Stupendous”, the same as saying you have tickets in the Nose-Bleed section? Or did you luck out and get seats with a great view of the game? Take your glove for those fast moving foul balls. And don’t forget to share with that little kid a few seats over. You know the one with eyes a big as softballs when the foul ball came your way.
    Larry B.

    • Not even Babe Ruth on Steroids could hit a ball as high as we are sitting. They are nose bleed…but the “stupendous” is true also, as you can see lake michigan, sailboats, the red line train pulling into addison station, the rooftops, quite panoramic…and there are no posts or obstructions for any part of the playing surface.

  2. Jerrod says:

    Congrats, great seats!! Did you take that pic on Saturday and what time was your alpt? Looks like there were still a few lower level seats left.

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