It’s Time to Stop the Bitching

Yesterday I saw the stupidest bumper sticker I think I’ve ever seen.  The sticker said; “I’M SICK OF LIVING WITHOUT NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.”  What am I supposed to make of this?  HC-10Apparently somebody isn’t happy with life.  If living without national health insurance is so horrifically awful, why doesn’t this pathetic person just jump off a bridge and end the misery?

Hey, I’m not happy with a lot of things either.  I’m not happy that teachers unions have destroyed public education.  I’m not happy that Obama was re-elected or that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are in the US Senate.  I’m not happy that Kansas State lost to Baylor.  I’m not happy that marginal tax brackets are so high.  I’m certainly not happy that cancer ended the life of my lovely wife last June.

I don’t think that the Obama Administration will make it any easier for my businesses to prosper; in fact he will make it much more difficult.  But I’m not giving up…I’ll work even harder to succeed.  Rather than complaining, I’ll buck up and get on with it; and I would suggest that the person with this bumper sticker and everyone else in this country do the same.

We’re spoiled rotten.  We live in a land of plenty where private property, free markets and capitalism have provided such abundance that even those officially in “poverty” have a roof over their heads, a flat screen TV, YOUR-LIFE-IS-JUST-FINEcable, a cell phone, a refrigerator, central heating, air conditioning…I could go on and on.  It is time for Americans to stop bitching and get to work; to figure out the task at hand and tackle it with all of the energy we have, for as long as we have it.

Seriously, my fellow Americans; it’s time to stop the bitching.

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3 Responses to It’s Time to Stop the Bitching

  1. Donna says:

    Everyone wants something for nothing. The work ethics have been disappearing leading towards Obama’s socialistic government. I find it amazing that those with their hands out don’t realize and care that someone else is providing it…it isn’t the government getting their hands dirty, dumping bedpans, filling pot holes, bagging your groceries, it is the hard working people. The people that don’t have a choice in who they give to and help. The current Uncle Sam is taking the slice of the hard working people’s income.

  2. Carol Barr says:

    Amen, Don, Amen!

  3. Greg Savage says:

    You are right!! As I read your comments, I remembered some friends of mine from Washington State who went to Africa (Tanzania). They saw the poverty especially among the millions of orphans and widows due to AIDS. They didn’t grip or bitch about these conditions or their own but, they looked at what they could do and started an agency to get clean water, build schools, and provided micro-loans for the widows to start their own businesses. Check out their website to see the success they have had in the five years of operation. Blessings, Greg Savage

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