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Kicking the can down the road again.

It appears that the Congress will do little more than “buy time” with some legislation that will extend the debt ceiling (again) and make little reduction in entitlement spending.  The argument is that any reduction in entitlement spending will reduce … Continue reading

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Boehner Needs to Give Obama a lesson about the US Constitution

As the United States heads toward the so called “fiscal cliff” the Republicans are being asked to “compromise” with the President by raising the income tax rates on the most successful Americans.  Only after the Republicans agree to a tax … Continue reading

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Grand Kids and the run-up to Christmas

I remember the morning of December 1, 2007 when Deb and I got a call from our son Tad.  Our first grandchild, Marek, had been born.  Three and a half years later they had a second son, Silas.  This weekend … Continue reading

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Season Tickets!

When I was between eleven and 16 years old my father purchased two season tickets to the Omaha Knights hockey team of the International Hockey League. This was minor league hockey but the players were pretty good, as the NHL … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Stop the Bitching

Yesterday I saw the stupidest bumper sticker I think I’ve ever seen.  The sticker said; “I’M SICK OF LIVING WITHOUT NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.”  What am I supposed to make of this?  Apparently somebody isn’t happy with life.  If living without … Continue reading

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