What Obama Tells Us

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney “debated”
each other in Denver.  According to most pundits, Obama was unprepared and didn’t look focused or engaged.  Romney appeared sharp and prepared.  Romney also looked a lot more “Presidential.”

I watched news coverage and “clips” of the debate between Obama and Romney.  Even MSNBC, which spins all news in favor of democratic candidates, had to admit that Obama was not prepared.  Fox, of course, delighted in Barack’s stumbling in front of the national television audience.

Specific sound bites and video clips aside, it bothers me that Obama was not prepared.  He is a consummate politician who puts his reelection above all else, yet he wasn’t prepared.  A high school kid prepares more for a Thursday afternoon debate club contest more than the leader of the free world prepared for this important media event

What does this say about his day to day running of business in the White House?  It is rumored with some frequency that Barack doesn’t spend much time in the oval office; that he sequesters himself in the family residence and loves to watch sports on television.

During the debate Obama was arrogant as always.  I have never seen a more bigheaded President.  Had he performed well, perhaps some conceit could have been tolerated, but Obama is an egotistical failure.

While he has the intellect for the Presidency, perhaps Barack was too young and immature for this job.  He is certainly too arrogant.  Perhaps his star rose too quickly.  Perhaps another ten years of experience prior to his ascension to the nation’s highest office would have made Barack Obama a better President.

Sadly it appears that many voters wish to continue on Barack’s wild ride another four years.  Small business owners, investors, and job creators shiver at the prospect, while those dependent on government largesse hope for continued sustenance from the hands of producers.  Every election is deemed the most important ever, but this one might well be just that; a choice between human freedom and government domination of the human spirit.

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