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NFL Union Busting: Part II

Two weeks ago my September 16th blog indicated that the replacement referees in the National Football League were doing a credible job officiating the games.  I jumped the gun a bit, as critics started to lambast the replacement refs at … Continue reading

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Producers and Looters

Barack Obama is an avowed “redistributionist.” His world is fairly simple; the rich have too much and the poor have too little. It is his goal to do whatever he can to take from the rich and give to the … Continue reading

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Breaking the Union

By the title you might think I’m going to get into some long-winded discussion about collective bargaining rights, recent limitations on Union bargaining in some states, and the whole Scott Walker recall.  NOT!  Instead I’m going to give you a … Continue reading

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Laser Theory

We’ve all seen those little flashlights that shine out a sharp light beam.  These are amazingly strong flashlignts, which transmit a little colored dot on all objects in their path.  These laser beams are bright, straight lines which project out … Continue reading

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Last evening I went for a 3-mile walk in our Chicago neighborhood called Wrigleyville (sometimes referred to as Lakeview).  I’ve always been a people-watcher and tonight was no exception.  When I’m walking in a crowd or on the subway I’ll … Continue reading

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