Final Tribute to Deb

If my readers will indulge me, I want to use my final entry in Deb’s Caringbridge website as my column this week. I’ll be back to politics and other topics next week….this is my final tribute to Deb.

The Final Entry:

It is with some hesitation and sorrow that I write this last entry in Deb’s Caring Bridge website. Today we held an open house “Celebration of Life” event for Deb at the Winona County Historical Society.

At least 300 people came to honor her and pay their respects. We’ve received hundreds of cards and memorials. We had friends and family in from as far away as Reno, Chicago, and Kansas City and Denver. Most of them have left now, Bob and Tara ran out to get a movie, so I sit alone in the home that she built for us.

I share one more photo of Deb with this last entry. I will miss that smile more than anything on earth.

We went out to the grave site today after the celebration. The newly planted grass is starting to grow over the earth that was placed there just a few days ago. She’s gone….darned it…she’s gone until I see her in heaven.

No one wants to start a Caring Bridge site. In a real sense this site has been a connection between you and me. 9,171 visits says it’s so. Thanks for sharing our ups and downs, our highs and lows.

Know that this ended well. Deb passed away peacefully without pain or physical suffering. Two and a half weeks ago, when Tad and I carried Deb’s body out of this house and placed the lid on her coffin I told him, “She belonged to us, and we’re going to take care of her.” And we did.

Let me close by offering my thanks for the thousands of prayers said by you on our behalf. Know that if you said one prayer, had one kind thought, sent even one card, came to visit her, or gave a gift in her name, that we are grateful. Know that everyone in the Salyards family loves you. Know that love always wins.

Don Salyards and the entire Salyards Family

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  1. Donna Bryan says:

    The final tribute for Deb put a close on the last two years, another chapter in your life. The memories will never leave.

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