What Walker’s Victory Means

Weeks before Tuesday’s “recall” election between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, MSNBC was touting Walker’s upcoming defeat and victory for the “working class.” Walker’s 53% – 46% victory was larger than expected and came earlier in the evening than expected. By 10pm the Walker victory had been “called” by the media.

Predictably, MSNBC had little or no coverage of this election after the results were known; apparently liberals (also known as progressives and socialists) are sore losers. The next morning, after spending the entire night “rationalizing” the results, MSNBC and democratic officials had two explanations for Walker’s victory. First, Walker supposedly outspent Barrett 7-1. Second, 68% of the people that voted in the election thought that there was no legitimate reason for a recall in the first place, so they showed up to vote against the recall, not to vote for the record of the Walker administration.

Both explanations are lame. I’ve seen no impartial summary of the spending on this election and assume that the democrats have either double counted Walker’s money or left some of their contributions off the table. Likewise, who goes out to the polls in such massive numbers simply to protest a recall principle?

I’m not predicting any Romney boost from the Walker election, but I am certain that the “progressives” refuse to acknowledge what is actually happening out there in our great country. Frankly, more and more Americans (regardless of political persuasion) realize that our deficits are unsustainable and that our government is spending too much and promising more than it can deliver. Racine Wisconsin is a blue collar city full of laid-off manufacturing workers; many of them past union members. Hard times have come to this area. People often refer to the “good old days” when thousands of manufacturing jobs existed in Racine. Yet Scott Walker carried Racine County by 52.8% to 46.6%.

Could the “working classes” in Racine have come to the conclusion that government is out of hand? Do they have a better grip on reality than politicians in the Washington beltway? Darned tootin’ they do!

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