Toughest Species on the Planet

Modern communication technology enables us to witness daily the news from anywhere in the world. This morning, for instance, there were photos on television of the tragic crash of an airliner into a heavily populated neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Now more than any time in history we are able to observe the wide spectrum of human behavior in good times and in bad.

As I observe what I see on the news and in my private life, I am amazed by the resilience of human beings, whether it be a person’s resolve to rebuild after a house fire, or a neighbor’s determination to keep on going after the death of a close family member. In our world people often get badly hurt, both physically and emotionally, however, we humans can take almost every type of adversity and keep on coming back for more. We are an incredibly tough bunch of hombres!

This is not to say that we completely heal from major disappointments. We often carry some emotional and physical pain to the end of our days, but the outstanding fact is that we continue on. Look at Greensburg, Kansas now, compared to when it was flattened by a tornado five years ago. Look at San Francisco after the 1906 quake and look at it now. Did you know that within 72 hours after Dresden, Germany was leveled by Allied bombers, regular mail service and most water service was restored to the city? My goodness humans are tough!

Beyond my simple thoughts on human stamina, for most of us most of the time, there is relative comfort and security. When the television shows some guy in Thailand wading through four-foot deep water with his meager possessions, when you see a young child in an oncology unit with little hope for survival, please count your blessings. When there are no “clouds” that darken every day of your life, be happy in your life. Every day that you spend time with your family and friends is a good day; a day to be treasured.

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  1. Grace says:

    Don, you’re one of the toughest among us… thanks for sharing your life & thoughts here. Blessings ~

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