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Keep on Roaring

Last weekend my family and our close friends stood at my wife’s coffin in a simple ceremony.  She was dealt a terrible hand at the poker table of life; denied at least 10 or perhaps even 20 healthy years to … Continue reading

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The girl, the woman, the lover, the mother, the grandmother, our Queen

After returning from a German prison camp in World War II, Laverne Axelsen and his wife Betty settled into their small home in Rockford, Illinois, a home that Laverne would occupy for the rest of his life. They had a … Continue reading

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What Walker’s Victory Means

Weeks before Tuesday’s “recall” election between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, MSNBC was touting Walker’s upcoming defeat and victory for the “working class.” Walker’s 53% – 46% victory was larger than expected and came earlier in … Continue reading

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Toughest Species on the Planet

Modern communication technology enables us to witness daily the news from anywhere in the world. This morning, for instance, there were photos on television of the tragic crash of an airliner into a heavily populated neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Now … Continue reading

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