My Really Good Week

I don’t have any clever political insights this week, except perhaps to inform those on the political left that Dick Cheney’s new heart will probably not cause him to flip-flop on his philosophy of life.  Word has it that Mr. Cheney’s wait for a donated organ took an extra year because he wanted the heart of a “real Republican” and no one could figure out what that was!

Seriously, I’m going to stick to some personal events that marked this past week; it was a bit more extraordinary than most.  Last weekend I went up to Minneapolis to see my grandchildren.  What could be better than having your four year-old grandson tell you that “Grandpa, you are my best friend in the whole world.”  I also stopped by to see my pseudo grandson, Saul “Cookie” Vasachek , just one week shy of his first birthday.  I have loved his mother for years as if she was my daughter.  She makes me so proud, with her choice of a husband, her career progress, her love of her baby, and her wonderful smile!

Somewhere in the middle of the week I saw a young lady in the hallway of Somsen Hall at Winona State University.  She is an attractive young woman and was wearing shorts.  But unlike most young ladies who roam the halls of our nation’s colleges, Shanna Decker has a prosthesis on her left leg.  She lost the limb to bone cancer at age seven, but the surgeons at Mayo removed the bottom of her leg and attached it to her thigh, removing the knee area where the cancer existed.  But, they attached the lower leg upside down effectively making Shanna’s ankle act like a knee joint.  Shanna graduated last year from WSU in Business administration and is now employed at the Mayo Clinic.  What a wonderful young lady this Shanna is; talk about making lemonade out of lemons!  If you want some real inspiration go to Shanna’s website at:

My final highlight of the week was Thursday evening when I tucked my terminally ill wife into bed.  I said to her, “I look forward to taking care of you, after all, you took care of me for 40 years.”  Then her eyes welled up in tears and she said, “And I would take care of you for another 40 if I could.”   What a humble moment for both of us.

This week look for your special moments.  Sometimes they are just around the corner.  Sometimes we just don’t recognize them, but they are there.

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