My Political Dream

I had a dream the other night concerning the US Presidential Election.  It is August, 2012 and we’re at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida.  After battling it out for months in caucuses, primary elections and seemingly endless debates, the republican convention is deadlocked and bitterly divided between Romney and Santorum.  Vote after vote is taken on the convention floor, but no clear winner emerges.

Finally, republican big wigs conduct private conferences to see if they can break the deadlock.  The better of three days goes by.  Meanwhile, President Obama sleeps well at night, not worried about either one of the two top Republican contenders.  He’s got a game plan for either of these republican candidates.  They’ve exposed their weaknesses during debates with their fellow republicans.  Obama knows their defeat is certain; the President is comfortable and calm.

The tension boils at the republican convention.  “When will we get our candidate?”  “Can our candidate beat Obama?”   “Who will they bring to the stage that we can stand behind?”

All of a sudden, the band plays and the curtains part on the stage.  Walking in front is Florida Congressman Alan West, an Iraq combat-decorated former Army officer.  Born in Atlanta, GA West is an unabashed free-market advocate with defense of the US Constitution as his primary focus.  Eloquent in a debate setting, West is a formidable political opponent in any election for any office.

Walking beside West is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has consistently advocated responsible citizenship and limited government.  Paul is the only person in the republican debates that has stood for the rights of the individual against oppressive government, excessive spending, and TARP bailouts.  As they march to the front of the stage it is apparent from the applause that the republicans will nominate Alan West as their Presidential Candidate and Ron Paul as their Vice-Presidential Candidate.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC Barack Obama sits very uncomfortably as he pours through Alan West’s accomplishments during his incredible life.  His whole game plan must change; all of the previous planning of his political staff is now for naught.  Obama feels faint and sick; he has soiled his pants.

After the election of 2012 one thing stays the same, one thing is different, and everything else is fresh and new.  The White House is still occupied by a middle-aged black man and his lovely wife; parents of two daughters.  However, the President is Alan West, who occupies the White House with his wife, Angela and their two daughters.  As for the rest of America, everything is fresh and new.  Unlike his predecessor, the new President of the United States looks forward to serving the unique and exceptional country that he has risked his life for and is meritoriously qualified to lead.

ongressman Alan West and Family

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