Kick the Hell out of the Donkey on Tuesday!

Well, folks, the big day is coming. Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Call it Election day if you wish, but I’m calling it “Kick Democrats out of Office Day.”

In my congressional district, I’ve got a congressmen, Tim Walz, who has tried to scare seniors into believing that his republican opponent is going to take their social security away. He’s even characterized himself as a proponent of reducing the national debt. Never has he mentioned that he supported Nancy Pelosi in support of Obamacare, or that he voted for cap & trade, or for over a trillion dollars in failed stimulus spending.

Yes, friends, my congressman is afraid to talk about his budget busting, socialistic voting record. He’s a disgrace. Even if I have to crawl down to the polling place this Tuesday I’m going to vote Tim Walz out office. His republican opponent is Randy Demmer. To vote for Randy Demmer this Tuesday all I need to know is that he is NOT Tim Walz.

On Tuesday each of you who vote in the United States will have to choose between Capitalism and Socialsim; between private property and government ownership; between American exceptionalism and American decline; between fiscal salvation or fiscal ruination; between a bright future for your children and grandchildren or their debt-laden future in some plodding government job.

You better kick the donkey hard on Tuesday because the donkey has kicked the hell out of you in the last two years; harder than you’ve ever been kicked before. Bailouts of Wall Street billionaires, insane deficit spending, Obamacare, government ownership of General Motors, the mortgage bailout fiasco…need I say more?

Each of you has your Tim Walz to kick out of office on Tuesday. He might be your senator or congressman; he might be your governor, your state assembly representative, or even your mayor. But kick him and kick him hard. You’ve got two days to talk to your neighbors. Talk to the seniors in your neighborhood. Take them to the polls. Get it done on Tuesday. For God’s sake, get it done.

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