Pre-Election Thoughts and Videos

In my opinion Election day on November 2 is unquestionably the most important day of the year 2010.  This is an election where the American people will decide between:

Capitalism or Socialism
Individual Responsibility or the Nanny state
American exceptionalism or American decline
Property rights or Institutionalized theft
Staring one’s own business or a career as a government employee
Cutting the size of the federal government or massive increases in the national debt
Respect for the Constitution or disregard for the Constitution
Private health care or Government health care
Volunteerism or Coercion

I tell my students that on November 2 they will have to decide what kind of country they will live in.  I also tell them that the most powerful person in the world is not the business owner, but the politician.

The business owner can prosper only if a buyer voluntary purchases his goods and services.  In order to succeed he must must make the customer happy.   No money will change hands unless both the buyer and seller are better off as a result of the transaction.  The free market is the ultimate Win-Win environment.  The business owner is the agent of cooperation and voluntary action.

The politician, on the other hand, deals not in voluntary cooperation, but in coercion.  With the stroke of a pen the politician can pass laws that order a cop into action, forcing property and freedom from one person and into the hands of another.  Whether it is a law that funnels your property into the hands of another, or a law that limits your economic freedom to run your business as you see fit, the law is coercive.  Unlike business men and women who must rely on the voluntary cooperation of others, the politician is the agent of coercion and force.  In addition, whereas the business owner must have competence and knowledge to succeed in the market place, the politician need only be a thug to succeed, robbing from others to please those who vote for him.

This week as you talk to your friends about their election choices, you might want to forward them the following videos.  The first video summarizes the choices we face on November 2.  The second video is a prophesy of the outcome for the United States if we refuse to vote out the politicians who have supported the Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda.

Please send these links on to others…you have 8 days remaining before the big day.

Reagan and Obama on “Spreading the Wealth”

Beijing-2030 Lecture by Chinese Professor

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