Mosque at Ground Zero

I hope you’re sick of the political grandstanding about the possibility that Muslims want to build a mosque and recreation center two blocks from ground zero.  Demagogues from both political parties are having a heyday on this issue.  Of course, Obama had to step in and take a Presidential stand on a local issue, further fanning political flames.  He made the same mistake early in his presidency concerning a situation in Cambridge, MA.  Does the “Beer Summit” ring a bell?

Obama aside, in this country do a bunch of Muslims have the right to use private money to purchase private property and establish a place of worship and/or recreation?  Yes, providing they obey local laws and ordinances.  I really hate to tell you this Sean Hannity, but the same private property and ownership rights that protect Halliburton or Joe the Plumber also apply to Muslims.  I just wish Obama would be as adamant about enforcing property rights for overtaxed business owners and consumers as he is for the Imam.

I seldom agree with anyone on MSNBC, but if we don’t protect the property ownership rights of Muslims, we’ve lost the battle of 911.  I know there are no Christian churches in Saudi Arabia and there there are hundreds of Mosques in the United States.  So what?  They are Saudi Arabia and we are the United States of America!  That’s the story of freedom United States style; the property rights of ALL must be protected.

Is it a good idea for the Imam to push for this particular location, given the sensitivity of the families who lost their relatives on 9/11?  Probably not.  Common sense would dictate another site for now, but if the Imam wants to be insensitive, that is his right.  It might bring down a lot of protest, vandalism, and other problems at that location, but if he wants to stick to his guns he will pay that price.  Sometimes wounds take a long time to heal and the Imam might be jumping the gun on this one.

Regarding the source of funding for the Mosque, it is nobody’s business.  Likewise, New York Governor David Patterson’s proposal to offer public property to relocate the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” is rubbish.  Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize any religious organization.

We’ll see how this plays out.  But please, MSNBC and FOX, I’d rather watch another live Los Angeles car chase than hear any more about this Mosque story for a while.

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