Tea Party to Replace Republican Party?

The Tea party is a loosely organized group that has many local chapters.  Contrary to what liberals say, the Tea party has not been planned, organized, nor is it controlled by the Republican Party.  Many traditional Republican voters attend Tea Party meetings, but these are mostly “fiscally conservative” Republicans who have been betrayed by their own party throughout the years.  Whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans, government at all levels continues to grow, stripping citizens of their economic freedom and civil liberties.  The Tea Party recognizes this clearly.

Tea party activists are extremely wary of the Republican Party, largely because Republicans have given only lip service to smaller government.  In this 2010 election cycle, where all house members and 1/3 of the US Senate is up for election, the Tea Party has largely refused to run its own candidates; instead giving their support to Republican candidates who challenge incumbent Democrats.  But, the message that the Tea Party members are giving to Republicans this year is clear:

“We will vote for you this time, Mr. Republican, but don’t get the idea that we trust you any more than we trust the free-spending incumbent.  If you get elected to Congress you’ve got two years to act like Republicans haven’t acted in the past; namely by cutting government spending, ending bailouts, and reducing strangling regulations now imposed on businesses and consumers.  If you don’t give us smaller government, you’re done.  You will be a “two year wonder.”

The final question is this:  “If the Republicans elected by Tea Party independents don’t reduce the absolute size of Government after 2010, what will be the fate of the Republican Party in the 2012 political year?”  The answer is obvious; the Tea Party will run and elect its own candidates; never again trusting either Republicans or Democrats.  The 2010 election will be the last time that independent voters will give Republicans the benefit of the doubt.  This is the year that the Republicans had better “wise up” and get the message; it is probably their last chance.

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