The federal government has done a lousy job of handling immigration.  In fact, there seems to be no comprehensive immigration policy.  People who play by the rules and obtain the proper visas and documentation are often delayed for years before receiving permission to live and work in the United States, while those who ignore the law or obtain phony paperwork live and work in the United States by the millions.

Arizona has passed a law that demands the enforcement of Federal law within its borders, much to the irritation of the Obama Administration, which hopes to legalize undocumented workers so that they can vote Democratic during the 2012 Presidential election.  In fact, Hillary Clinton recently announced to a reporter in Ecuador that the Obama administration will sue the state of Arizona for insisting that the federal government enforce immigration laws on the books.

The “progressives” (socialists, statists, fascists or whatever else you want to call them) are using the concept of “racial profiling” as the reason that the Arizona law should not be upheld.  It is suspected that when patrol officers in Arizona pull over vehicles for traffic violations, they might be more likely to ask Hispanic drivers about their citizenship than Caucasian drivers.  Might this happen sometime?  Yes.  Will asking about immigration documentation greatly increase the chance that illegal persons will be apprehended?  Yes.  In this context profiling isn’t racism; it is statistically driven, common-sense law enforcement.

Profiling isn’t racism.  We “profile” every day, whether we want to admit it or not.  People are profiled by the clothes they wear, the clarity of their speech, the vocabulary they use, whether or not they are good-looking, or whether or not they are overweight, just to name a few.  If I see a person (regardless of race) walking down the alley in back of my home that does not have a purposeful gait and seems to be “hanging around” with nothing to do, I’m going to kindly ask him what his business is.  If he doesn’t give me an acceptable answer, I’ll kindly suggest he move along.  That’s usually enough to get him off of my block.  He’ll try to find a location where no one seems to care about his suspicious behavior, but he’ll remember one thing; my block isn’t that place.

No one should be discriminated against on account of race, but the racial or religious aspects of profiling is admittedly tricky.  Jesse Jackson once admitted that when he is walking late at night and hears footsteps behind him, he is relieved when he looks back and sees a white person.  It is a fact that most illegal immigrants in the United States are Hispanic.  It is also a fact that while 99.9 % of Muslims don’t want to blow up an airplane, 99.9 percent of airplane bombers are Muslims.

The average citizen of Hispanic origin shouldn’t be upset with the cop that asks him about his legal residence, but he should be damned upset with the millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants who cause him this inconvenience and difficulty.  A friend of mine from the middle-east has a passport photo that looks like a dead ringer for a 911 bomber.  Every time he comes to the US he is subjected to more questions and scrutiny at customs than almost everyone else in line.  He doesn’t appreciate the embarrassment and inconvenience, but he doesn’t blame the US government; he blames the Bin-Laden and his cronies who have disgraced his religion and race.

How many decent, honest, black Americans from good families have been embarrassed (or killed) because of the actions of other young blacks who are in gangs?  Walter Williams, a black economist from George Mason University, even questions whether the failed Presidency of Barack Obama will make it much more difficult for blacks to be elected president in the future.  You can read Williams’ comments on this at:

In reality, all of this squealing about profiling, racial and otherwise, is a bunch of liberal poppycock.  Everyone profiles everyone else, even liberals.  The liberal media establishment has labeled the tea party movement as a bunch of “angry, white males”.  While there are a lot of females at tea party meetings, and there are few racial minorities at most of these events, the liberal stereotype is somewhat accurate.  Yet, I don’t see anyone calling the liberal media a bunch of racists.

I think it is time that we refrain from being so obsessed with political correctness.  Profiling and racism are not the same thing.  White man can’t jump.  Hmong men aren’t six feet tall.  Women have better manual dexterity than men.  If you’re name is Mohammed, you’re going to get another look at customs.  If you’re a young black kid hanging around a neighborhood in which you don’t reside, people are going to keep an eye on you.  The same will be true for a young Puerto Rican kid loitering around a neighborhood where a lot of Mexicans live.  Profiling is the rule, not the exception, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  Perhaps worse than profiling is the self-righteous hypocrisy of liberals, who claim not to participate in profiling, yet use it as a lame excuse to gain political advantage.

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