Super Bowl Sunday and Re-Hashed Predictions

On Sunday, August 23, 2009 I wrote a blog titled “Favre and the Vikings”.  In doing so I predicted several outcomes for the 2009 Vikings season and their beloved quarterback Brett Favre.  Today, Super bowl Sunday 2010, I’m going to resurrect my predictions and see how they squared with reality.  I’m also going to demonstrate to the world why I don’t make my living as a sports prognosticator!  The predictions made five months ago are in light type and the actual outcomes are in bold type.

Salyards’ predictions for Favre’s 2009 year with the Vikings:

1.  The Vikings will lose twice to the Packers in 2009.  Viking turnovers and sloppy play will lead to a Packer win at the Metrodome.   Strangely, the Packer victory at Lambeau field will be a narrow win, but a win nonetheless.

This is what happens when a Packer fan let’s his emotions cloud his common sense!  The Vikings beat the Packers twice during the season, 30-23 at home in the Hubert H. Socialist Metrodome and 38-26 at Lambeau field.  Actually, the Vikings won more convincingly at Lambeau than they did at the dome.

2.  The Bears will split with the Vikings this year.  The second game at Soldier Field against Chicago will be a grim one for the Vikings and Favre.

I lucked out on this one.  After beating the Bears in the dome 36-10 the Vikings lost a close one on a cold night at Soldier Field 30-36.

3.   After beating Cincinnati in the Metrodome on Sunday, December 13th, the Vikings will go on the road to face Carolina.  Carolina will smash the Vikings.  Persistent rumors will spread about dissention in the Vikings locker room.  Favre’s ego will be a big part of the problem.

Indeed the Vikings beat Cincinnati and lost fairly convincingly to the Panthers in Carolina 26-7.  During the third quarter of the Carolina game Childress tried to bench Favre, who refused to leave the game.  Hence, there were plenty of rumors about what was really happening in the Vikings locker room.  These rumors lasted about two weeks, but finally dissipated.

4.  The December 28 game against Chicago at Soldier Field will put the nail in the coffin of the Vikings season.  “December Fever” will bite the ever-declining Favre harder than ever.  He will sustain an injury in the windy city that will end his first season with the Vikings.  Speculation will arise as to whether the physical aspects of the injury are sufficient to keep Favre off the field, or whether the old man is finally sick and tired of getting kicked around.  It won’t be pretty in the media or in the Viking locker room.  At this point, Vikings fans will start to feel like last year’s Jets fans.

While the game in Chicago was demoralizing for the Vikings and cost them home field advantage throughout the playoffs, Favre was not hurt or demoralized and the Vikings remained a serious contender for the NFL championship.

Actually, Vikings fans never felt like Jets fans; they ended up the 2009 season feeling more like Packer fans.   Favre’s last pass as a Green Bay Packer resulted in an interception and put an end to the Packers playoff hopes.  Ironically, Favre’s last pass for the Vikings in the 2009 season resulted in an interception and put an end to the Vikings playoff hopes.  Viking fans learned a bitter lesson that Packer fans have learned for years, “Most of the time Favre plays for your team, but there are brief periods of time when you would swear he is playing for the other team.

5.  At the end of the 2009 season the Vikings will release Favre.  Brett Favre and Brad Childress will head into the sunset together, both unemployed.

I missed this one completely.  It remains to be seen whether Favre will “retire” again, but he most certainly won’t be released by the Vikings.  Brad Childress will not be fired.  On November 19, 2009 to the delight of fans in Titletown, Childress got a contract extension through 2013 worth between $4 and $5 million a year.

6.  This time, Favre won’t announce his retirement.  Over the summer of 2010, rumors will spread that another club is interested in taking a chance with Favre, but this will not come to pass.  Favre’s NFC playing days will finally be over.

I’m was right that Favre wouldn’t announce his retirement, but right for the wrong reason.  Trying protect the fickle Favre from again facing the media wallowing in tears and indecision, Viking coach Brad Childress announced that Brett won’t face any pressure to return for most of training camp if he decides to come back with the Vikings.  I believe that Favre will return to play for the Vikings for the 2010 season.

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