HAPPY 2011! (No, it’s not a typo)

I don’t think anyone will be unhappy when 2009 is over.  2009 was a year of high unemployment, insane government spending and a time when the average American has been robbed of many freedoms.  Unfortunately, not much economic improvement will occur during 2010, but one specific day in 2010 will pave the way for a bright and prosperous 2011 and beyond.  That day, the most important day of 2010, is election day!

On November 2, 2010 the American people will end the political careers of many members of the House of Representatives, along with several US Senators.  The message will be clear; the citizens of the United States are not going to relinquish their constitutional freedoms to the United Nations or Climate Scientists who conspire in Copenhagen.  The people of this nation haven’t bought into the idea that bigger government is the answer to our problems; quite the contrary.  Millions and millions of independent voters who mistakenly bought into “hope and change” the last time around are personally ASHAMED that they were so badly duped.  They’re going to get it right this time.

The election results in November 2010 will free America from the “crisis creators” in Washington that spend their weekends meeting in back rooms to run banks, automobile companies, and God knows what else.  Fears of excessive regulation, jumbled healthcare reform, and uncertain tax and energy policies will vanish, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be rendered powerless by the voters.

In the flash of one election, most of the economic uncertainty that has kept consumers and business owners on the sidelines will vanish.  After November 2, 2010, business owners and investors will again be free to channel their creative energies for job creation, business growth and prosperity.

Have as good of a 2010 as you can.  Blessings to you and your family.  But the reality of this new year is that you’ve got to rally your friends and neighbors to throw out the tyrants in November.  The socialist policies of the silly democratic congress and the Obama administration have to be abruptly ended and reversed in 2010.  That is JOB ONE for 2010, as we take our freedoms and our country back!  2011 will be a great year!

Don Salyards
Winona, Minnesota

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9 Responses to HAPPY 2011! (No, it’s not a typo)

  1. Donna says:

    Amen! Watch and learn and see who is running and what they really mean. Then V O T E. Ask me if you have any questions right b/4 the elections!

  2. Jessica Curry says:

    Hi Professor Salyards,

    It’s difficult for me to believe that those who were miseld to believe in change with Obama really and truly were educated to the speeches he was pitching. My opinion is that they believed the pitch, at the surface and without truly looking into the meaning behind his words and promises which, of course, frustrated me to no end, until the end. It is for this reason that I worry about your assumption that people will now not buy into his b.s. come election day in Novemeber. My concern is that there will be some new and improved b.s. that will be believed. I mean, why wouldn’t they believe him? They actually believed him the first time! Thanks for letting me voice my opinion! Jessica

  3. Jessica Curry says:

    P.S. My punctuation and grammar is horrible in this post, and it won’t let me delete or edit. I’m so glad it isn’t for a grade. LOL!

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