Obama Flu

Everyone knows that the Iraq war is Bush’s war. Even I would agree with that, although Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of Democrats also supported going into Iraq. Even though Obama will significantly ramp up our troop levels in Afghanistan and escalate the Afghan war, it isn’t his fault; the War in Afghanistan will always be Bush’s war. The Bush Administration, in its last days, agreed to print $300 billion of taxpayer (TARP) money for the banking industry. Since taking office, Obama and the democrats have approved over $3 trillion for additional bailouts…but it was Bush that started the whole thing. Although Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were briefed on intelligence specifics, the torture (water boarding) of Islamic terrorists is, of course, a war crime and Bush and Cheney should be taken to den Haag and tried immediately.

Oh, by the way, CIA intelligence operatives who reside in run down countries and risk their lives on a daily basis to gather crucial information for the United States of America are now targets of the Obama administration. It is going to do a lot for the morale of our intelligence community if we drag back these brave operatives to be tried and punished in the U.S. One last thing; the recession is also Bush’s fault, in case you were ill informed.

Meanwhile, the press is just gaga over Obama. Once in a while, while flipping channels to find a good baseball game, I end up briefly watching Keith Oberman or Rachael Maddow. All I see is video clip after video clip of George Bush trying to put a sentence together! Hey, the guy is an easy target and I can’t blame them for knocking him down, but five months after the election, isn’t it time to move on? During an April 30, 2009 press conference celebrating the savior’s 100th day in office, Jeff Zeleny, a reporter from the New York Times asked the President what has most ““surprised,” “enchanted,” “humbled” and “troubled” him during his first 100 days in office. I didn’t know they played softball in the newsroom of the New York Times. God forbid they ask him about his plans to socialize healthcare or inquire as to whether anyone in his cabinet has even ten minutes business experience, let alone knowing anything about running an auto company.

If every bad event that happened during the Bush administration is Bush’s fault, then perhaps we should extend the same courtesy to our great leader. It looks like the swine flu outbreak started at a massive hog-raising operation in Perote, Mexico, a joint venture partially owned by a U.S. company called Smithfield farms. Let’s see; if the Wall Street financial collapse was due to lax financial regulations of the Bush administration, the swine flu outbreak had to be a direct result of lax health and safety regulations of the Obama administration, which failed to adequately regulate a U.S. company operating in Mexico. Therefore, the swine flu should properly be called the “Obama” flu. Every death from this terrible scourge, whether in Mexico, the United States, Asia, or Europe, should be on the head of Obama. Maybe Obama should go to den Haag to be tried for endangering the health and safety of the world’s population.

Now that Arlen Specter has decided to become a democrat (again) and “freaky” Frankin will shortly join him in the U.S. Senate, Republicans will no longer be able to enact a filibuster. The Democrats now have free reign on new legislation for at least the next two years. Obama has made it clear; from now on the new “winners” in our country will be chosen on the basis of need and “justice” (whatever that is); not on the basis of productivity or excellence. We’re heading down a long, slippery, socialist slope, deviating from the principals of individual freedom that have enabled us to become a great and prosperous country.

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