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The Real Cost of Too Much Government Spending

Whenever the Federal Government spends more than it collects in taxes, that difference is called the federal “deficit.” As these deficits mount up year after year, their total is called the “National Debt.” During the eight years of the Bush … Continue reading

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In the state of Minnesota the political process usually works like this: 1. The legislature convenes and passes few mundane laws. They put off the budget issues as long as possible. 2. Time passes and the legislators are not able … Continue reading

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Episode 33 From Hubbard, Wisconsin: Dave Takes Joy in spring

Comment: Recent readers may not know that occasionally I depart from personal/political commentary and write about one of my favorite characters from my fictional town of Hubbard, Wisconsin. Sadly, I’ve neglected Hubbard and its residents, as the last letter from … Continue reading

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Automobile Violence

I’ve got some statistics to share with you about gun violence in the United States. Did you know that for the first 10 months of 2008 that 31,110 Americans were killed by guns? That’s 104 Americans dying each day, or … Continue reading

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Obama Flu

Everyone knows that the Iraq war is Bush’s war. Even I would agree with that, although Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of Democrats also supported going into Iraq. Even though Obama will significantly ramp up our troop levels in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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