Easter 2009

Let me express happy greetings to all of my readers on this Easter Sunday of 2009. This week, while Italians have grieved for their dead and many millions of people throughout the world have sought to remember the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ, our rock star President has taken his “American Apology Tour” to Europe and Turkey. Along the way, while apologizing for American arrogance and praising Muslim scientific achievement in the 8th century, his message included his well-practiced theme that “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation.” That’s the last time we’re going to let him get advance notes from Reverend Wright’s Easter sermon.

Sorry to ruin Easter with mention of Obama. While you can be sure that he will provide much fodder for future comments, you’ll not hear another word about him this week. Suffice it to say that the United States of America (as well as Europe) has reaped solid rewards from its Judeo-Christian heritage. I’m one fellow who is very grateful that our nation has grown from the seeds of British common law rather than Sharia law.

On a much brighter note, this weekend we’re fortunate to have many of our family with us here in Winona, Minnesota to celebrate holy week and Easter. What has been a long and cold winter has finally passed. The snow is finally gone; not to return for several months. In Minnesota, even temperatures of 50 f (10 c) are a welcome sign of spring. In the calm, early mornings, the “good fog” creeps over the Mississippi River, which gave up its ice only two weeks ago. The “good fog” occurs in the spring, when the rising air temperature is greater than the water temperature. The “bad fog” occurs in the fall when the water temperature is greater than the falling air temperature.

Along with the weather, other human activities hearken the beginning of spring. The engine oil has been changed in both snow blowers and Sta-Bil has been added to the gasoline to avoid starting problems next fall. Both blowers are now in storage for the summer. The old John Deere tractor with the plow attachment is now in the shop for its spring maintenance, complete with the installation of the mowing deck. In the next several weeks the outdoor screen porch will be cleaned and the furniture will be placed therein. No longer threatened with the possibility of freezing water, the garden hoses will come out, and the flowers will be planted. I fired up the ’29 model A Ford yesterday, after a long winter’s rest. Bucking her usual shaky spring “resurrection”, she ran real smooth after finally starting.

And, of course, there is baseball. When asked what he does in the winter, when there is no baseball, legendary player Rogers Hornsby said, “I stare out of the window and wait for spring”. The Twins had their last home opener at the Metrodome on Monday, April 6th. The Cubbies open at Wrigley Field tomorrow, April 13th, weather permitting. Ah, yes! Spring!

Let me wish you and your families a wonderful Easter Sunday. May this truly be a time of resurrection for our families, our economy, our country, and our lives.

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