Welcome to our New Website Layout!

You will undoubtedly notice that the homepage of this website has changed, thanks to the assistance of my Son, Tad.  The photo of Wrigley Field is gone for now.  Instead I’ll feature a shot of the front porch at our family home on Main Street in Winona, Minnesota.  Each season we will change the shot.  The one featured is the fall photo, highlighted by the golden maple in the background. The next photo will feature a lot of snow!

Not only has the “look” of the website changed, but it there has been a complete software change.  Some of the changes that you will enjoy the most are:

Tad Salyards will become an occasional contributor on this website. There aren’t many Salyards in this world, but the handful of us who inhabit the planet generally have opinions and aren’t afraid to express them!  Therefore, my son Tad will blog occasionally on this site.  Tad, who lives in Minneapolis with his lovely wife Lisa and their son, Marek,  posted his first blog on this site on November 27, 2008.  It is titled “America’s 10,000 Pound Gorilla” and appears right below this entry.  Tad and I don’t always take the same slant on things, but he thinks and writes well.  I think you will enjoy Tad’s work.

The “Comments” feature actually works on this website! From now on, you will be able to leave a comment on any article you choose.  You don’t need to join any clubs or use any passwords.   All we need is your name and email address.  Your email address will not be published or given to anyone.  Once you submit your comment it will appear automatically on the site.  I will view them from time to time and have the authority to remove any comment for any reason, but that is not likely to happen unless vulgarity or libel is involved.

Three Categories Appear on the Site: (1) From the son consists of Tad’s blogs.  (2) Stories from Hubbard, Wisconsin. I’ve got to admit that I haven’t kept up with this little town.  I’ll try to do better in the future, but the past 21 episodes are all on the site.  (3) The Personal Commentary category consists of my personal views about the economy, politics, people, and issues.  Most of the blog entries are listed in this category.

The Search Box at the top of the homepage will prove most useful.  If you vaguely remember a past blog and don’t know how to find it, just type in the subject or a word that would most likely have been used in the blog, and the software will likely lead you to the entry you were seeking.  It works well…give it a try!

Archives: If you remember the month that a blog ran, you can search for it in the archives.   They go back to January of 2006.

Blogroll. These are links to the websites of Tom McMahon, a former student of mine who now resides and works in Milwaukee,  Wisconsin.  Tom’s site has a special feature called 4 Block World, which tickles me every time I go to his site.  The other link is to the site of Walter Williams, a brilliant economist who teaches at George Mason University.  Walter is a nationally known and syndicated author.  I’ve never met Walter, but have admired his words for years.  Once you go to Walter’s site, you’ll never stop looking!

I hope all of you enjoy the new site revision!  Hopefully I’ll get to know more of you when you comment on the articles!   You may also email me any time at: bbwinona@charter.net    If you email me, please put the word donsalyards.com somewhere on the subject line!  That way I’ll know it isn’t junk mail.

Thanks for reading my blog and recommending it to your friends.  I hope to be writing for many more years!


Donald M. Salyards

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  1. Donna B says:

    Hi Don, like the new look! Great change. Son, Tad did excellent job and enjoyed his comments as well.

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