A Crazy First Week of December

By a narrow margin of 51 to 49 percent, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was defeated in last Monday’s referendum vote that would have allowed him to run for re-election indefinitely while continuing to socialize the Venezuelan economy. How stupid is this! Mayor Daley and everyone else in Chicago know that you win elections by having people vote for you early and often, dead or alive.

To protect his public image, chain-smoking Presidential Candidate Barack Obama takes careful measures never to be photographed with a cigarette. It’s insightful to know that the same fellow who wants to put the Federal Government in charge of the U.S. medical system doesn’t have the wisdom or discipline to effectively manage his own health.

George Bush, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and other prominent “free market” Republicans, are the architects of a subprime rate freeze, an absolutely unnecessary and unwise example of governmental intervention in our resilient economy. Apparently when Republicans have to choose between government intervention and votes for their candidates in the upcoming elections, it is easy for them to become Democrats.

Friday, Barry Bonds pleaded not guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice charges and won a legal decision that could clear the way for him to play one more season of Major League Baseball. If Bill Clinton can lie about sex without going to trial, Barry Bonds shouldn’t be locked up for lieing about steroids. The punishment should fit the crime. I think that Bonds should be sentenced to play next year as a designated hitter for the Minnesota Twins!

Yesterday I accompanied my wife to a shopping mall. She does the shopping while I observe the thousands of downtrodden, underpaid, depressed, obese, sub-prime mortgage-gouged, erectile-disfunctioned, botox-injected citizens of the United States of America. Shopping like maniacs, they jammed their carts with I-pods, 52-inch flat screen televisions, imported brass statues of the Hindu Gods, leather Green Bay Packer jackets, and lead-laden Chinese-made toys. Moreover, they seemed genuinely happy, enjoying the day with their families and getting ready for the Christmas season. Suddenly I realized that not a darned one of them was worried about melting glaciers, fuel economy, solar energy, the alternative minimum tax, or the rights of prisoners at Gitmo. God bless them all!

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