No Problem, You’re Excused!

Just when I think that our culture has dropped to rock bottom, I encounter something that convinces me that the bar defining personal integrity and responsibility is being set lower and lower. Take, for example, a new website called Yep, folks, this baby clearly establishes that we’re headed straight to hell in a hand basket!

For the low price of $19.95 you can receive access to several phony excuse notes to use in getting out of work. Occasions for these customized phony absence notes include:

1. The Doctor/Dentist Visit
2. The Emergency Room Visit
3. Jury Duty
4. Funeral Attendance
5. Medical Evaluation Visits

Using the website you can download bogus excuse notes as word documents. They look real official and you can insert your name and the names of your physician, funeral director, county clerk, etc. and print them out on your home computer. The cost to snooker your employer is only $19.95. There is even a free vacation contest that you can enter on this website. Wow, cool! After you win the free vacation you can use one of the website’s fake notes to get the days off!

Of course, my excused has a written and verbal disclaimer stating that the site is “for entertainment purposes only.” I suppose one of the slick lawyers they’ve hired has figured it will get them off the hook if any of their customers try to sue them when they get caught and fired. By the way, if you shell out your $19.95 in the next few days you will get two bonus notes. One bonus note is for taking an extra long weekend without charging your personal leave. The other one is a “just can’t be bothered to get out of bed” note! Gosh, I wonder how that works?

I’m going to make a premature New Year’s wish; that a year from now when I enter in my web browser, they’ll be out of business!

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  2. Soccorso says:

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