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When it’s me or a stem cell….

For the second time in eleven months, President Bush has vetoed an embryonic stem cell bill. Never mind that embryonic stem cells easily regenerate, providing society’s best opportunity to tackle a variety of human maladies such as spinal cord injury, … Continue reading

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It Costs What it Costs!

All around me I hear people complaining about how expensive things are. Gasoline is $3 a gallon and rising. Electricity rates are through the roof. Housing prices are out of sight. Sticker shock for new cars is incredible. Public transportation … Continue reading

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Episode 29 from Hubbard, Wisconsin. “Dave Visits the Self-Sufficient Man”

Summer has arrived in Hubbard, Wisconsin. The June daytime high temperatures have been in the eighties with night temperatures in the fifties. This is the kind of weather that Dave likes, cool at night for sleeping, yet warm and comfortable … Continue reading

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Iraq is not worth saving

About two weeks before the United States invaded Iraq I was visiting some Kuwaiti friends who had an ill relative at the Mayo Clinic. In the visitor lounge the television was blaring about the potential invasion of Iraq by the … Continue reading

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The Information Void

The other day I got a letter from my doctor telling me that he was moving on to another position. The bottom line is that he can no longer be my physician, so it is up to me to pick … Continue reading

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