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God Bless Our Veterans!

Monday, May 28, 2007 is Memorial Day. Formerly known as Decoration Day, this is the time we set aside to honor those who died in war serving the United States of America. In Winona, Minnesota there is a ceremony down … Continue reading

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Juan’s Legal While Blanche Walks

This week congressional leaders, with support of the President, announced that after months of negotiations they have agreed on a proposal to allow an estimated 12 million illegal residents to become citizens of the United States of America. For Mexican-born … Continue reading

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Stupidity vs. Devastating Decisions

When I graduated from High School, my Aunt and Uncle from Denver presented me with perhaps the only graduation gift that I still possess; Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary. Today it is dog-eared and the binding has come loose on … Continue reading

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Episode 28 from Hubbard, Wisconsin. “The ‘Granolas’ of Minneapolis”

The last two years have been absolutely brutal for Unity Wilson. A long time protestor, for years she has railed against corporations, profits, production, corporate farms, CEO’s, high prices, foundries, gasoline oil refineries, child labor, exploitation of females, and global … Continue reading

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