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Episode 27 From Hubbard, Wisconsin. “Marcus and Subani”

Spring semester is finished at Hubbard State University and Marcus Harnack is standing on the sidewalk outside the Chicago O’Hare airport terminal building. He received straight “A’s” in all of his chemistry, science, and math classes, but it looks like … Continue reading

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Media exploits victims of Virginia Tech Tragedy

A terribly sick young man named Cho Seung-Hui slaughtered 32 people at Virginia Tech University this week before turning the gun on himself. This is a tragedy of immense proportions that will affect both the witnesses and the families of … Continue reading

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Imus in the Morning

As an occasional viewer of MSNBC’s live broadcast of Don Imus’ New York morning drive CBS radio show, I wasn’t surprised that he would refer to the Rutgers girls basketball team as “rough girls with tattoos” and “nappy headed hos”. … Continue reading

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Happy Easter from Ahmadinejad

In the spirit of religious harmony, Iranian President Ahmadinejad released fifteen British soldiers as an “Easter Gift to the British People.” Within hours after the release, thanks to an Iranian-made roadside bomb, four British soldiers, two of them women, died … Continue reading

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STUPID STUFF (2007 Version)

As we go about our daily lives we see and hear a lot of things that are just plain stupid! At the risk of being cynical, over the past week I’ve jotted a few of them down. Remember, these are … Continue reading

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