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In Defense of the United States of America

I can’t recall a time when the United States of America has been more criticized and demonized, both by it’s own citizens and those living in other nations. The list includes but is not limited to: Our President, the war … Continue reading

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Human Dignity Defined

January 26, 2001 was a mild, sunny day in the city of Bhuj. Jaya had sent her two young boys off to school and her husband had gone to a factory where he was employed as an electrician. Later that … Continue reading

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Episode 24 from Hubbard, Wisconsin. “Marcus’ Incredible Distraction”

With the beginning of the spring semester at Hubbard State University, the weather has been anything but mild. After a warm November and December temperatures have dipped below zero, reminding most Hubbard residents of the “good old days” when the … Continue reading

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A Word on Global Warming

Since moving to Minnesota 31 years ago I have seen an incredible range of ambient temperature. The lowest temperature I’ve witnessed was a December night about 25 years ago when it was –37 F (-38C). That was the night I … Continue reading

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