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Don’t worry about US Manufacturing

When you go to the large discount stores or the mega-lumber stores, it seems like nearly everything on the shelves is made in China.  It’s hard to find anything manufactured in the United States.  US manufacturing employment peaked in 1950 … Continue reading

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Episode 22 From Hubbard, Wisconsin- “Susan Johnson Faces The Music”

Shock and disbelief were the initial emotions that ran through Craig Johnson as he walked back to his car from the golf course. He had caught his wife cheating with golf pro Bill Haley. (Episode 19, “The Gossip” ) There … Continue reading

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Episode 21 From Hubbard, Wisconsin- “Bill Harnack Remembers”

As fall lingers in Hubbard and the leaves are nearing their peak colors, it’s time to do the annual “winterizing” chores before it freezes for good. Such tasks include; putting the paint in the basement, removing the boat battery and … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania, Playoffs, and Predators

Monday morning, October 2, 2006 a psychologically disturbed man killed himself after murdering five Amish girls at West Nickel Mines School in Bart Township, Pennsylvania.  The next morning I was listening to National Public Radio and they were interviewing some … Continue reading

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Episode 20 From Hubbard, Wisconsin – “Dave’s College Memories”

This weekend Dave is traveling back to a small Iowa farm town to attend his 35th college reunion. While he corresponds with a handful of classmates mainly around Christmas time, he’s only been back to the college once since he … Continue reading

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