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Old Walnut

One of my neighbors has a huge, beautiful walnut tree that I call “Old Walnut”.  It hangs over our yard and provides excellent shade in the summer months, which we really enjoy.  I know that walnut wood is valuable and … Continue reading

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Pope Gets Bad Rap from Ignorant Muslims

As this article is being published ignorant Muslims in many parts of the world are burning churches and threatening Christians as a reaction to a speech made by Pope Benedict XVI at Regensburg University in Germany.   The Pope’s speech, titled … Continue reading

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Episode 19 From Hubbard, Wisconsin – “The Gossip”

Since Sachin Patel and his wife Smita arrived in Hubbard (Episode 13, “Sachin’s Early Days” they demonstrated a bit of Gujarati entrepreneurship by purchasing the Diplomat Motel on the west side of Hubbard. The Diplomat, built back in 1964, isn’t … Continue reading

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The Reward/Effort Ratio

Today’s article is about self-made rich people and their contribution to society as analyzed through something I’ve devised called the Reward/Effort ratio.  Sometimes we look at rich people with envy.  It is understandable.  After all, they have virtually unlimited resources.  … Continue reading

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