How to Stop World War III

The Middle East is in turmoil once again as Israel bombs Lebanon to eliminate the threat of Hisbulla on its border.  This is a classic “catch 22.”  On the one hand, Israel cannot tolerate Hisbulla’s rockets threatening its territory.  On the other hand, no amount of destruction in Lebanon will bring Hisbulla to its knees.  The end result of this war will be some sort of negotiated settlement with Hisbulla still a threat and Israel purchasing some temporary peace.  That peace will be short lived because the recent destruction in Lebanon has irritated Lebanese Shias, more of who will now be willing to engage in a lifelong jihad against Israel and the United States, which they consider a proxy for Israel.

If you’re a Muslim extremist, it’s a great world!  American consumers finance oil revenues for Iran with $3.00 a gallon gasoline, which limits consumer spending in the United States, weakening the U.S. economy.  Meanwhile, Iran uses its share of $3.00 per gallon American money to manufacture and send rockets to Hisbulla in Lebanon, which fires the rockets into Israel, which prompts retaliation by Israel, which increases the numbers of Muslim extremists, and on and on.

Meanwhile, Bush and Blair are asking for some sort of international peacekeeping force in Lebanon.  Coming soon will be proposals for the American taxpayer to subsidize the Lebanese government, supposedly so that they can rid their country of Hisbulla.  The problem is that many Lebanese support Hisbulla, which will use the new “peace” window to rebuild their arsenal.  Hurt already by high gas prices the average American family will now be paying to fund Hisbulla in Lebanon.  Other countries, including the Europeans, the Russians and the Chinese will continue to refuse to help us in the war on Terrorism.

Some analysts have labeled this mess the beginning of World War III.  That is an overstatement, but there are actions that the United States can take to put an end to this perpetual insanity without sacrificing our taxpayers or our economy.  I propose that the United States of America should do the following:

1.    Become oil independent as soon as possible.  See my article “Time to Get Serious About Energy” to explain how this can be done.
2.    Put Israel and South Korea on notice that taxpayers of the United States of America will not come to their aid if Iran or North Korea attacks them.  Their defense and security is their matter and should be conducted by them without our direction or judgment.  To make sure they understand that they are solely responsible for their own defense, all economic aid to both Israel and South Korea should be eliminated.
3.    Give no aid whatsoever to any country that sponsors terrorism or threatens other countries.  This includes Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.
4.    Put North Korea, Iran, and other problematic countries on notice that the United States will give ultimatums from time to time, Congressionally approved, that, if ignored, will result in strategic air strikes with conventional weapons on their leaders and/or facilities whenever and wherever we wish, without input from the United Nations and with no regard to civilian casualties.
5.    Get out of Iraq as soon as possible.  If necessary build a base there to conduct strategic air strikes when advantageous.
6.    Make it clear to Saudi Arabia that if a major terrorist attack occurs in the United States, we will demand that they sell us oil for $10 a barrel until the economic cost of the terrorist act has been reimbursed.  If they refuse to sell us the oil for $10 a barrel we will conventionally destroy their ability to export oil, effectively cutting off all income to the kingdom.  If the attack in the United States is severe enough, the Al Saud clan (the royal family) may also be targeted.  Maybe that will give the Saudis some incentive to reign in radical Islamists that prosper in their country and wreak havoc throughout the world.

It is time to take the gloves off and give American taxpayers a break.  World War I, World War II, and the recent horror in the Balkans are proof positive that the Europeans have never exhibited the foresight or courage to stand up to dictators and despots, nor will they ever do so.  Neither will the South Koreans stand up to the idiot Kim Jung Il, despite the fact that their country will be the first to suffer when he finally gets enough power to destroy them.  Only the good old United States and its economy and taxpayers will do what is necessary.  Fine, let’s do what is necessary, but let it no longer include inserting our troops into countries where they are neither welcomed nor appreciated.  From now on we should carry the big stick, and when necessary for the good of humanity, deliver our blows from the air above.

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