Republicans have lost their way

It seems that the Republican Party wants a new amendment to the U.S. constitution, whether it be a heterosexual marriage amendment, a keep Teri Shiavo alive forever amendment, or a non-desecration of the American flag amendment.  Actually, what they are most interested in is something to make themselves look good for the upcoming congressional elections.

I hate to say this, but there isn’t a lot that is “good” about today’s Republicans.  As a person who has voted republican often, I’ve come to the conclusion that Republicans have lost their way.  I remember when we could count on Republicans to run lower annual deficits than democrats and to run up the national debt more slowly than democrats.  Neither party could put an end to the growth of big government, but we can’t even count on Republicans to grow government more slowly than democrats.  What kind of a world is it when Democrats are the fiscal conservatives?  Are their snowballs in hell?  Apparently so!

Since we can’t count on Republicans to limit government spending, there is no reason to vote for them at all.  Their stand on civil liberties is repugnant at best.  As a sovereign being I want to be able to determine when my life is no longer worth living.  If I’m terminally ill and in pain, I want my children to have the right to end my life humanely, just like we would for our beloved pets.  I don’t want the Republicans involved in this decision.  I don’t need them to humanely deprive me of food and water until my body shuts down.  We wouldn’t even do that for our dogs.

As far as gay rights are concerned, it is time for Republicans to finally admit that gayness is not learned or the result of some kind of sin.  Gay people have existed since the beginning of time.  Christ undoubtedly knew gays, although they might have been forced to remain “in the closet.”  There will be a time, perhaps 50 years from now, when we will look back at the struggle for gay rights in the United States and parallel it with the efforts for civil rights in the 1960’s.  Meanwhile an entire class of citizens will experience undeserved ridicule and discrimination.  This is unfortunate.

Last, we do not need an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban the burning of the American flag.  I love the flag, especially as it commemorates the struggle for our independence and the sacrifices of our Veterans in all wars.  Several times a month I approach a Veteran and tell him or her that I appreciate the sacrifice that they have made for our country and me.  If I saw someone trying to burn a flag I would attempt to prevent that act, even at the risk of personal injury.  They would know in no uncertain terms from me that burning the flag is flat-out NOT ACCEPTABLE.  However, to put them in prison for the act of flag burning would desecrate the flag as well, by denying them the right of protest, no matter how repugnant.

The Republican Party has lost its way.  Just as radical Arabs blindly support the positions of their religious mullahs, The Republican Party blindly supports the radical positions of their religious Mullahs, the Radical Christian Right.  The result is a loss of personal freedom for Americans and a country that is less free than it could be.

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