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Cell Phones and other Stuff

Before I got a cell phone about five years ago I thought they were an unnecessary waste of time.  I would observe men calling their wives from the grocery store asking whether to get whole wheat bread or rye.  Teenagers … Continue reading

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The Value of Acquaintanceship

I recently read an article in Chicago Magazine about friendship.  Part of that article discussed the difference between a “friend” and an “acquaintance.”  That got me thinking and became the inspiration for this week’s blog. A friend is someone with … Continue reading

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Republicans have lost their way

It seems that the Republican Party wants a new amendment to the U.S. constitution, whether it be a heterosexual marriage amendment, a keep Teri Shiavo alive forever amendment, or a non-desecration of the American flag amendment.  Actually, what they are … Continue reading

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Episode 16 From Hubbard, Wisconsin- “Susan Johnson’s Summer”

Summer is Susan Johnson’s favorite season. In spite of the fact that she’s carting the kids all over town for soccer, baseball, and piano lessons, she finds plenty of time to play golf. This summer she is playing nearly every … Continue reading

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Birth Wheels

Please accept my apologies for posting this blog two days late.  I could go on in detail about the computer problems I experienced this week, but you don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to explain it! I … Continue reading

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