New Years Wish List for 2006

For 2006 I hope:

1.    That the United States will aggressively embark on an energy policy designed to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  Geo-political considerations are reason enough to expand our nuclear, coal, and alternative fuel sources.
2.    That Iraqi citizens will have enough pride in their country to turn in terrorists and secure a peaceful future for their children.  If Iraqis don’t care enough about their homeland to do this for themselves, they can’t expect us to spill our blood and treasure forever.
3.    That the US economy will continue to be as resilient as it has been in the last four years.   In spite of the shocks of 911, Iraq expenses and several hurricanes, our economy has compensated, recovered and continued to grow.
4.    That the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will search fewer 80 year-old grandmas and start searching more shifty-eyed nervous young men.
5.    That the United States can continue to “import” enough engineers, scientists, and physicians from South Asia to keep our country strong.  They don’t teach “Self Esteem 101” in Indian high schools; they teach science and mathematics.
6.    That we can continue to make progress in the treatment and cures for cancer, especially breast and ovarian cancer.
7.    That Americans will exercise more and eat less.  The societal costs of obesity are larger than any of us can imagine.
8.    That Democrats will finally learn that profits are not evil but are the direct result of the creation of products and services that benefit society.  Profits are good.  Robin Hood is evil.
9.    That Republicans will stop their excessive federal spending and finally learn that a woman’s body belongs to her.
10.    That the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.  Hell has already frozen over twice with the Red Sox and White Sox, so now it is the Cubs’ turn!

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  1. Self Esteem says:

    Thank you so much, there aren’t enough posts on this… keep up the good work

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